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Georgies, new start! wk 4:)

hi I know ive started making a diary late, but recently have fallen off track by not going to the gym, and have been loosing weight really slowly, like a pound in 2 weeks so ive started going to the gym again and this will help me to go when i dont feel like going!

so I will start with today, I finally went to the gym after a month of not going! also I had to wear a flease so I would sweat more, because my friend said I didnt sweat enough!
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havent been to the gym today I was at my grandmothers house and i wanted to get to my flat here early but my gran didnt want to do that so i will be heading to the gym tomorrow.
well ive stuck with my plan I went to the gym 2 times juring the week and went today (I've never been on a saturday before!)
I also did 2 days going on the excersise bike for half an hour, im going to try and do that on all the days I dont go to the gym.

As for the eating I've had a rough time I've had at least 3 bad days, im hoping it hasn't effected the weight,

I've decided not to weigh myself until a couple of weeks go by other wise it might effect my motivation.

I'm also going to make sure I get back on track with my eating.


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Good Luck I hope you get the results you want :) x
Hey Georgie,
Are you following a specific diet as well as going to the gym? Good luck with getting your eating back on track and carry on going to the gym hun.



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Def a good idea with the scales - it's easy to get obsessed with weighing yourself and your mood is badly affected because of it.

Good luck with eating and gym .. looking forward to hearing your progress.
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Well done on your gym progress!
Hello, just wanted to wish you well with your weight-loss and I am sure that with the huge focus on your gym exercising you will get the results you want.

Keep it up and I know that you will get your eating habits back on track.

All the best. I will keep popping in to see how you are getting on.

Take Care
hi, sorry hadn't looked at this for a while! i'm eating good now as before I was not eating enough, sometimes I would just eat fruit for lunch.. but now I have a decent lunch like a sandwich, I have lost weight before with just a diet of 3 meals a day and no junk food, have been keeping up with the excersise managed to go to the gym twice this week and did a 40 minute walk today and i have been out shopping this week aswell, I bought clothes :D!! I will probably weigh myself in 2 weeks time, I'm expecting not much of a result but a small loss.
I saw that I signed up to the August challege so I decided to weigh myself.. and have lost a pound in two weeks.. I think that I was eating a few biscuits the first week, but not to worry a loss is still a loss I was the same weight for ages before!
hi, ok ive seriously thought about my weight today and have changed my signature, I've decided that it doesnt matter too much about what I weigh anymore! as long as I'm not gaining, im also going to try not to talk to my friends about weight anymore, as I have since I've been dieting which is about 4 months :p
I've conciderd the fact that i might not be able to loose the weight unless I cut down on what i eat and that would be unhealthy, I will try however to cut the junk food out although havent been eating it that much just the odd day. I will continue going to the gym and I'm aiming to go 4 times a week, i will keep going to the gym and see what happens and if i dont loose any weight then I will cut down the gym incase I'm doing (too much excersise!), if I still dont loose any weight then it wont matter to me because I am a healthy weight, I just wanted to loose a bit off my stomache ;).
ok today I've decided to cut out junk food in my last attempt to loose those pounds! im going to 2 weddings, november and december (hopefully..long story) so I've set my mind to cutting out the junk food until the actual days and hopefully I will be at my target weight by December.
yesterday I did have an odd day of bingeing with a packet of crisps and biscuits even though I went to the gym! but that was yesterday..

Today I had an Intresting day woke up early which I didnt expect, went to do some voluntry work at the charity shop which is right near to where I live. I had to take a packed lunch, I discovered there wasnt any bread, I live in an acomedation where I share the living room and kitchen and also we have a suport worker who goes out food shopping for us, with a shopping list, anyway I was panicing on what to have, so I found some (quasaunts sp) I took one with me and a piece of fruit, the charity shop work went ok and I noticed at lunch time I seem to be the only one who has a lunch! also the people there were offering me a slice of cake and biscuits, I said no of course. anyway I got back from the charity shop at 4:00 pm and I was hungrey and there was no dinner because one of the house mates is a bit relaxed, when its the support workers day off, we have cook days because we share, and yes sometimes I do have my dinner at 4:00, anyway I was a bit lazy to do anything and not much in so I just had a can of macaroni cheese then later on in the evening I had a bowl of cerial and now ive just had a boiled egg, luckerly the support worker comes back tomorrow so i dont have to worry so much about my main meal, we mainly have healthy things.. I just know I can do this and I'm going to stick to it even if im not seeing a result after a few weeks, and i know today wasnt the best example of what I eat. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better food wise and I'm going to the gym.
yay I've gone 4 days without snacking on junk food! and well I've had at least 2 healthy teas, I'm also going to the gym tomorrow which means ive been to the gym three times this week but not 4, never mind.. I would like to have lost something by sunday but I wont be suprised if I havent lost anything..
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hi, I havent been to the gym yet this week :( so will have to go tomorrow, I feel upset :cry: :argh: I bought some purple tights and decided getting changed into a fairly shortish skirt and then put the tights on and I realised how ugly and fat my stumoch and my thighs are!! and then i weighed myself even though i shouldnt at night, it wasnt the right number, I've been good with my diet but tonight I did have half a stick of rock, it shouldnt make much of a difference but that doesnt make me feel any better! so I will have to weigh myself tomorrow morning...
hi :-( ok,
Ive left this for a while and actually didnt keep up with going to the gym. I've been going to the gym on and off for months and because of christmas and everything, I've gained some but still really enjoyed christmas at my aunts house in Sandhurst the weight will come off easily anyway, so I thought 2009 is a new start! and I will keep up with the excersise more regularly, I just need to tone up, I'm 20 and dont want to look like this even though im not overweight, actually vanity saved me :p besides it is healthy to excersise, and im definatly not going to be too thin like some people might think on here, anyway I will try and eat healtherly although i did get biscuits for christmas so will finish most of those off, but i will eat one everyday, luckerly i dont binge that often, not anymore, I used to binge on sandwiches lol.

other news, today I went into town and im thinking weather to do work expirence or not, I'm hoping to do something with my Graphic Design diploma and am looking at the voluntry side of jobs but really need a paid job part time for now, so need to make a few phone calls to find out if theres any oputunities after the voluntry work or just need to apply for a job if not.
weight wise

stopped weighing myself for now, and had a few treats today theres still christmas food, burnt 701 calories on the excersise bike although do prefur the gym but left it too late because it gets dark! Cant always go with a friend :(
Today had a bit of a rubish day burnt 700 calories on the bike but ate quite alot today some of it was bad food :p .
hi had a better day and feeling confident, today is the only day i havent had biscuits and chocs,

I've eaten,

some cereal, fruit and fiber

lunch, a roll with cheese and some pasta

dinner hadock with some packet pasta and peas

usually i just have a sandwich for lunch but there was some leftover pasta from last night.

I also went to town today and got two tunicks from matalan i bought a belt to see what it would look like over the tunicks but it doesnt really suit me, but this has given me the motivation to tone up my tum lol

Im also hoping to burn some calories on the excersise bike soon while watching some tv like i usually do but im hoping to go to the gym next week.

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