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German Supermarket shopping


I'm going camping in the Mosel Valley in Germany/Luxemburg in a few weeks. Wondered if you could help with supermarket shopping while there.

Obviously I will go for the usual veg etc, but I basically live on Quorn in its many magical forms and Muller lite. Are these sold in Germany, or are there any equivalents I can look out for?

I plan to take Pasta n sauce with me, cant really think of much else I can take - Im eating fresh/making from scratch atm. I can do some cooking while away - we're in a van and have an oven and the usual stuff. But cant be making Cottage pies or anything like that.

I tend to stick to green days as Im a big carb lover, did SW a few years ago and don't really get on with EE - I find that I just cant eat enough of the free food -would rather just drop the meat.
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Hi there,

I lived in Germany a few years ago and there a few things to look for.

On the Quorn front, I can't help you that much, although I don't think it'll be that easy to find. Germans love their meat, especially pork!

There is range of products called Optimel, and they do everything from skimmed milk (fresh, most of the milk Germans have is long life stuff) to yoghurts and low fat cheese. You need to look for stuff which is 'fettarm' (low-fat) otherwise. Despite the fact that Mueller is a German word, they didn't have any Muller light when I lived there, although it was 5 years ago now!

Also, I'm not sure if it is free, but they do something called Krauterquark (I think they may add stuff to their quark though, hence me thinking its not free), which is delicious on a baked potato. Be careful of anything allegedly vegetarian though, they have been known to put little bacon bits in stuff. And if it is veggie, it's bound to be covered in cheese.

Hope this helps!


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