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Getting hung up on numbers

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Whether it's a number on the scale, how many lbs I have lost or a size of my clothes... Don't get me wrong - it's good to have things to aim for but am I the only one who reads so much into the numbers? It doesn't help that I love analysing numbers or that I'm a goal oriented as well!

Wearing a size 12 or 14 doesn't make me any less worthy than wearing a size 10. Sure being at a good weight makes me happy but happiness needs to come from within, and I think a healthy happiness needs to be based on everything about me, not just a number on the scale.

And let's take clothes sizes. Right now, I have 3 pairs of M&S size 10 trousers on my bed. One I can wear just about now (estimated weight approx 10.5 stone), one I'll be able to wear in a few weeks and another pair I'll be able to wear if my legs are ever as thin as my big toe. Don't ask me why I ever bought that pair... And then different shops have different cuts anyhow.

BMI is another one. Again, a good indicator for health (and understandably very important for ladies losing weight for fertility treatment) but not good as a sole measure. It doesn't take into account our fat % and personally I'd prefer to be healthy and fit (ie exercising frequently) with a BMI of a 23/24 than unfit with a BMI of 21/22.

Society/ media puts a lot of pressure on us to look good and in the past I have taken that too seriously. I am far more than a number on the scale. I have a curvy build and I like it because it means I am embracing my heritage and I will be happy as I am. Life is too short to do otherwise.
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Absolutely Laura. Gosh, I'm so behind on messages and was going to post something about the ideal weight and all that after reading an article that suggested:

By using the term “ideal weight” health professionals can be easily interpreted as conveying a value judgment about weight, that to someone who’s weight is far from “ideal” can further enhance distress. Indeed, it is not unlikely that many obese patients look at the term “ideal weight” only to fully realize how far away from this “ideal” they actually are with virtually no hope of ever getting there. This improper messaging continues during each visit when providers refer back to the ideal body weight to determine the EWL. Despite counseling about realistic weight-loss expectations, many patients will inherently continue to see “ideal weight” as the ultimate goal and regard inability to reach this weight as failure.

In a rush...no time...no time :( Wanted to do another message on something else...but can't for the life of me remember what it is :confused:

Ack...so pleased that you and others are around to 'spread the word' ;)


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Laura so true hun. Well said!



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Good post

Im deffo hung up on the scales numbers soooo wish i wasnt

Cant get my head off 'the numbers on the scales' and more into looking good in clothes if that makes any sense ?



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I have sts this week on 1000 so far and am trying to not get too hung up on it. I agree, but it isn't easy when I too am number orientated!


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I am a number freak! I have planned my whole weightloss journey on estimates of weekly losses and have made space to adjust these if it doesn't go to plan.

I've made a chart and have it on the wall next to my bed :p


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Totally agree with your post Laura - I have size 14 Next jeans on that are comfortable but also roomy, so I ordered a size 12 just to see how far I have to go and they won't go past my bum. I have also bought a pair of size 6.5 shoes from Next and a pair or sandals from New Look in a Size 9!!! I am not worried about the size of my shoes so am not going to worry about the size of my jeans!

I am one of those losing weight for fertility treatment and have an open issue with our clinic about being advised a BMI level for treatment at the outset that has now changed and reduced by 4 BMI points. I totally understand why there is a maximum BMI set for this kind of treatment but that is the only rule - there are no other hard and fast rules on say smoking, drinking etc. which can also affect the success of IVF. I have attended so many clinics only to be told that I am not "ideal" and having a false target has only added to the frustration and feelings of failure I have had.

To be honest sometimes the total number of lbs lost on this diet seem overwhelming and I am almost in denial that I ever had that much to lose. But I no longer worry about the lbs or the kgs. I am now within the BMI the clinic want me to be so can progress through treatment (unless they change their threshold again!). I feel fabulous in my size 14 jeans, my size 18 vest and my size 9 sandals (small bum, big boobs and huge feet I guess!!)

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Thank you all for your comments. I wondered if anyone would have a different opinion and was looking forward to the debate. Oh well ;) It's always good if KD agrees as well hee hee

Wales - I find that ridiculous the only thing taken into account is BMI and not other factors as well. All the best with your treatment x