Getting Married 05 July 2008 - Lots to lose

Discussion in 'Brides To Be' started by ThinLizzy, 13 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. ThinLizzy

    ThinLizzy Wants to be a yummy mummy

    I am thinking that I might have set myself too hard a target here everyone!!

    I would just like to introduce myself, I am Lizzy and I am getting married on 5th July 2008.....I have been on WW for a couple of months now and I have lost 1 stone 5.5 lbs so far...but I want to lose about at least another the wedding I living in cloud cuckoo land?? Do you think it can be done at all?
    Any answers would be most appreciated...thank you!

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  3. DeliciousBoo

    DeliciousBoo Is a woman on a mission.

    Hello Lizzy & CONGRATULATIONS on your impending wedding!!!!

    Well done on your weightloss so far, you're doing fabulously well.

    I think 3 stone is doable by July 5th but I think it will be hardwork...sticking totally to your food plan, exercising frequently and guzzling that water.

    Good luck on your journey...I look forward to seeing you at goal.

    Love Boo x :hug99:
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Really sticking to it, you probably could just about do it :)

    Im curious though does drinking loads of water really make any difference when youre not on CD/LL??
  5. SkinnyMalink

    SkinnyMalink Full Member

    I think it's very do-able AND you're getting married on my birthday which makes it extra special :D:D:D
  6. ThinLizzy

    ThinLizzy Wants to be a yummy mummy

    thanks guys...i think that its just about do-able too so onwards and downwards for me it is!!
  7. ninababes

    ninababes Gold Member

    Hiya Thin lizzie you're my date twin 3 stone is VERY do-able!!! Hows the plans comig along???
  8. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    well I'll be honest and say it might be a stretch, thats 3 stones in 5 months?
    it would be hard I think.
    but if you were to do lots of exercise you could look slimmer for a higher weight.
    I think it would be more beneficial to lose less but tone up more as you go.
  9. Amber34

    Amber34 Full Member

    That's my birthday too! Makes it even more of a lucky day!

    Good luck with the weight loss, but you are really going to have to stick to the diet!

    Starlight - I don't think your body needs as much water when you're not on a VLCD as you get a lot of water from your food. But, drinking lots of either water or squash (low calorie of course) does fill you up so I guess the chances are you eat less. It might be worth experimenting for a week and see if it does make a significant difference. I'd be interested to know how you get on!
  10. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    Can I just add that your wedding day will be so special no matter what you weigh.
    I had wanted to be a stone lighter for mine, it didnt happen, but I felt great on the day regardless, that ''weight'' kind of got forgotten about, I think your emotions take over.
    I know you'll want to look your best - you will anyway, so don't pressurise yourself too much that it takes over the specialness of what it's really about.
    You'll have enough to worry about as it is with the planning.

    After saying that, the above isnt an excuse to not go for it;)
    and congratualions in advance!!!
  11. rowanx2

    rowanx2 Losing the baby fat

    amber i havnt found that drinking more water makes any difference personally. but i do drink alot anyway (constant drinker) but on the days i make an effort to drink alot i actually think it hinders my weight.
  12. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Hi Lizz,
    you will do this no trouble if you really want to do this then you will,i lost 12 in first week then 5 then 4,now 7,i only had 3 stone 2 loose ,i done ww and lost 3 stone but weight didnt come off quick enough x
  13. LizzieB

    LizzieB Silver Member

    Hey Lizzy,

    Have you thought about doing the cambridge diet or lipotrim? You lose an average of 1 stone a month and it really works :) Maybe if you arent losing the weight fast enough on WW in two months time then give one of these diets a go and you should be down to your target by your wedding?

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