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GI diet??

dont know nothing about that one but I am sure someone with advise. I am going on ww as soon as I get down to the last stone but it really depends on everyone else I guess.
Nope, everyone is different and so everyone follows different plans when they come off the diet. Some do follow low GI, some do SW or WW and some calorie count or just eat sensibly. It's each to their own really.
hi i intend to eat sensibly ie high protein low fat when i ve reached my target but everyones different

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i couldnt be doing with following a GI diet, all sounds very confusing! im probably going to do slimming world, an keep up the excercise!! xx
If you are carb sensitive then obviously you need to judge it and work out how much you can get away with (or not as the case may be). After LT is going to be trial and error for most of us.

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I intend to follow high protein and lower carbs I think.



I will be skinny again!!!
Im gona go for high protein, Lots of veg and low carbs...

What is the GI diet?


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chelly the GI diet was one devised for diabetics to control their insulin levels, so basically eating the right kind of carbs that wont spike your blood sugar (and making you hunger).
It's basically just a common sense diet of what we would all think of as a healthy balanced diet, lots of fruit, veg and protein and switchingcarbs like white bread for wholegrain, white rice for brown, porridge instaed of a sugar cereal etc. If anyone was intrested your better to look into the GL diet which is a progression of the Gi but takes normal portion sizes into account.
am going to just do low fat, low carbs high protein loads of exercise lol cant wait

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