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Gillians pregnancy diary

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me popping on here but I was looking to start a pregnancy diary to keep me on track with my weight if that's ok?

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and weighed 14st 11lb pre-pregnancy and my weight is now 14st 3lb so I have lost 8lbs since finding out (purely through sickness!).

My mw has suggested joining slimming world, still thinking about that one as I don't have alot of time to prepare meals and I know SW can be quite time consuming.

My goal is really to try and keep my weight down as much as possible as I am only 5ft 2" and my weight does actually effect me already (feel unfit, unhealthy, horrible). I am very aware that I will gain, esp with having twins but I want to keep the gain to a minimum if possible.
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Welcome to the pregnancy forum and congrats on having twins! :) Sorry to hear of your sickness :( Hope it's starting to ease off a bit now for you.

Good luck with keeping your weight gain down. I've just stuck to healthy eating, not over eaten (I've not had a major appetite since getting pregnant anyway) but also not denied myself the occasional treat. But there are a couple of ladies on here that have tried or are doing SW I think :)
Congratulations on your twin pregnancy ;)
I tried sticking to Slimming world but in the end found that eating what and when I wanted suited me better (eating healthily of course) you will have to get your head around gaining more than average due to being two babies extra fluid etc, but as long as you eat healthily and don't eat for 2 or 3 in your case, you will be fine;)
The easiest trap to fall into is believing that 'you are pregnant so will get fat anyway so might as well make the most of it', yes you will gain weight but it will be pregnancy weight which is baby, placenta, extra muscle, blood etc, if you try to be healthy you will find that most of the weight will come off fairly easily after the birth as it will be related to the pregnancy;)
Look forward to reading your diary as your pregnancy progresses.
Thanks ladies. Hopefully I will be able to do as well as you both have! Finding it hard just now with the sickness though to eat and when I do eat I want junk food!
The only thing I could eat up until about 13 weeks was junk :eek: but when the nausea settled down I then started to eat healthily and lost some weight, so don't be hard on yourself when you are still nauseous as you can't really do much else other than go with what your body will tolerate;)
Hi everyone. Weighed myself this morning and i'm 14st 2lb so lost another lb. I'm also 12wks today yay!! MW seems pretty happy that I have lost 9lbs especially with carrying twins. My goal is to try and hover around 14st 7lb by the end of pregnancy. Not sure how feasible that will be but will try my best. My biggest prob just now is i'm still eating junk food and finding it very hard to cook properly as I still get waves of nausea which isn't helped by the fact that after 4pm i'm soooo shattered the thought of cooking is just bleurgh!


I will do this!
hi ya Gill - I am just coming out of that phase and hated how yurk I felt. All I wanted was take aways, mainly as I was too tired to cook. Am pleased to say that today, for the first time, I wanted a salad! Which is good news for me as I have put on 12lbs so far!!! Having lost 6 stone, it's not a road I want to go down so time to start eating better now I feel better!

Best of luck to you, and wow twins! :eek:
Just updating - I am now 16+3 and 14st 4ish, so starting to put it on now but still around half a stone lighter than I was before pregnancy so not bad considering it's twins.
Hi everyone, just a quick update. That's me 21wks now with the twins and weighing 14st 6lbs. Was a bit miffed about it but need to try and remember that it probably is pretty good going considering i'm still a few pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight and that I am having twins, going by the guides I should be gaining 2 1/2 to 3stones during this pregnancy.
Can't quite believe that I will be 26wks with the twins tomorrow!! It has flown in so far and I will meet them in 10wks time at the latest. This pregnancy hasn't been without a few dramas on the way but so far they are healthy and doing well. I have another scan in 2wks time and then will be scanned every 2wks until birth. I am quite nervous of them coming early and have visions of me rushing in to hosi in labour for the section.

Weight wise I have been totally rubbish these past few weeks. I seem to have gotten in to a habit of waiting until I have gone past hungry before eating so I end up with terrible heartburn and I never know what I want to eat so keep eating junk food instead! I eat utter rubbish at night time (crisps, chocolate) and it def shows in my weight gains the past few weeks, not to mention it shows on my face too (getting fatter). Going to have to try and take control of that again but it's so hard.
Awww best of luck, how many weeks are u now?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant I'd love twins sssh don't tell hubbie, he'd pass out, do u know what sex the babies are!
ahh wow congrats - not long to go now :) xx

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