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Gillys Diary... moving house, job and a new life!


want to be me again ...
I think i need to put down in words just whats going in the mouth to keep on track just now ..not sure i can be good all the time but a girl has to try her best!
DAY 1 10/12/08
B.. oatibix milk tea toast marmalade(hb,hb ,ha 2 syns)
L .. cheese pasty ..not good and best forgotten
D..beef goulash, heaps spouts ,rice pud ,muller yogurt, fruit(all free)

Had a hours swim but still not really a good day
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Just put it behind you Hun....at least you have recorded what you have eaten and thats the main bit!!!
Look forward to tomorrow now.


want to be me again ...
thanks mrs v xx
better day today
B..oatibix milk toast marmalade (2hxb 1xha 2 syns)
L..baked pot beans cheese cottage cheese fruit(1hxa)
D..home made lasagne sprouts carrots fruit and muller yogurt

might treat myself to a glass of red wine tonight whilst wrapping the prezzies but all in all a good day !!!


want to be me again ...
monday monday!

After a nice weekend with sicknes bug I am hoping to get on track again today ..if anything i have not eaten enough last couple of days and still dont feel too good but its WI tomorrow morning so here goes;

B.. 2 slices wholemeal toast with mamalade(Hb 2 syns)tea with milk (Ha) yogurt
L... baked pot with beans and cottage cheese
D..almost free lasagne with cottage cheese fruit and yogurt
Hope that does the trick !!


want to be me again ...
Well its time to get real and get back on plan ...
WI this morning and i am sure i have put atleast 5lb on !!!!
Its been a great christmas here with mr beans mum and dad here but they eat different to us and i make them too much ...
anyway no more excuses its back on plan tomorrow and keeeping a diary to stay on track ...


want to be me again ...
Its time to get the 5lb off i put on over christmas so todays menu

B yogurt fruit and tea

L bacon sin free sausage egg beans

D home made soup yogurt and a last gin and tonic !!!


want to be me again ...
well its a new start again ..tomorrow ..parents have gone home and we are celebrating tonight ...chilli and soup made and rearing to go in the morning ...x


want to be me again ...
sounds good to me ..must admit i added a load of cumin as well as the chilli ...not my usual mix ...theres a massive big pan of it ...think ill make mr b eat it too !!!!


want to be me again ...
still not getting in the groove

trying so hard to get in the swing today but mr b has decided i start again monday and told me to stop beating myself up at gaining .....so far had

B oatibix milk tea

L macdonalds big mac and coffee (gggrrrrr he made me do it lol)

D baked pot . sinfree chilli yogurt cottage cheese


want to be me again ...
monday 5th Jan

going well and feeling back in the swing of things today ...
still in my dressing gown though and enjoying having the house to myself again !


Baked pot
meat free chilli
cottage cheese


pasta in sauce
tuna ,sweetcorn
red onion ,tomaotoes

its WI in the morning and hoping for a good loss this week after gaining 5lb !!!
your menu sounds yummy .. being in your dressing gown sounds even better! do you think they would notice if i did a day at work in my jim jams and dressing gown !

Good Luck for tommorow
Gen x


want to be me again ...
Just as well no one can see me !!! i work from home at the mo ..but mr beans has a habit of coming home early and catching me so better get in the shower hahahahaa

thanks gen xxxx

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