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Girlie cycles...


Sensibly losing :)
.. I am not talking lovely bike rides in the country here ;)

I am miffed!.. my scales are not budging for the last few days and they were dropping a lb or 2 every day... I feel like I am stuck... anyway, now I seem to have an untimely totm...?? And i feel the bloat etc that goes with it too... all sluggish n bleugh....

Anyone else have all of this mess up? I am gutted as I am trying so hard too and I know Squeeze was saying the same and I also reassured her about the scales but its so blimmin hard isnt it!!! I NEED to see that physical drop to keep me going.. and now I feel I am working so hard for no reward and here I will remain... I think I am about 2lb down from WI if I am lucky!!! .....

I do have a hormone imbalance in that my thyroid gland doesnt work at all, I have to take medication every day.. but I have never had this problem before due to medical reasons, dieting, after pregnancy.... its annoying/frustrating and a bloody great pain in the ass!!!

Should it be a case of it settling back down to routine from a new date? Knowing my luck I will get both now and when intitially due!! LOL!

Anyone else had this? Its made me feel really crappy today and there is a bacon sarnie calling me from the kitchen...!!!

well done if u got this far LOL! :D xx
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It does start to slow down, this week i lost 2lb 1st day after WI, then nothing till yesterday with another 3lb down, i've got WI today, but just got my TOTM and gone up a lb on my scales, Periods can be irregular my LT lady said so don't panic to much about that, have you measured yourself? I lost 6 inches from my waist on a week i didnt lose lbs, good luck, keep going, dont give up!! x
I seem to have a problem too with my totm....had my weigh in today and had only lost 2lbs....i never noticed this before starting lipotrim but it is true what people say, you do retain more water during that time and dont forget you put on between 2-7lbs during this time too...dont fret, i know it doesnt feel great that you cant see the weight coming off (you shouldnt be looking at your scales anyway lol thats what weigh-ins are for!), but next week i can guarantee you'll be back to losing weight xx


same here Donna... week 2 weigh in tomorrow and i reckon i just lost 2lbs or at a squeeze 3lbs... got weighed in last Wednesday and scales did not move till Sunday evening???? Its my totm so i assume thats the answer and after such a good weightloss for me last week maybe this is followed by a small one?! But heyho im still losing and im in great form!!!!!!!!

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Same me 3. Havent lost anything! Infact i feel bigger. Dont know why coz i dont get TOTM for last 12 years so its not that. Just Cham-bloat thats what i call it! :-(


Sensibly losing :)
Well I think I have Cham-bloat too.. :(
Poxy body of mine! LOL!! I better see the results next week or I am gonna cheat!! ;) (joking of course!!).....

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Bigun i reckon you'll be fine by WI day. I luckily managed to still lose 2.5 lbs this week so hopefully week 4 will be better but as long as something comes off each week i dont mind its better than going up and down like i did at SW and WW for the past umpteen years!!! :)


Sensibly losing :)
Ah I know, I wont give up, it will all even out over a month or so... I am going to keep going purely based on how I am feeling, I have not felt this good since I cant remember when!!
Cycle is all over the place, stopped again now.. 1 day?? wtf!! Still feel it though iyswim... need my body clock to sort itself out or I fear the scales wont drop for a while.. I am about 2lb down from when I last WI but I know its much more than that as I have lost another belt loop since the day before yesterday when I last wore my jeans...! These jeans didnt fit me before I started this diet.. so somethings coming off somewhere! :)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Yay thats excellent see ur doing brilliantly! :)

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