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GiveItAGo's Lipotrim Diary

I started lipotrim for the second time on the 4th January, the first time I did lipotrim was during the London 2012 Olympics and I lost 38lb. Old habits kicked back in and I out on the majority of the weight.

I am 30 year old male, 5"7 and stated at 14st 8.5lb.

I needed something do something to take me out of my comfort zone so I signed up to take part in a white collar boxing event in March. This is my incentive to loose the excess weight and get rid of my pouch and man boobs!

I had my first boxing training session on Saturday 4th and also started lipotrim the same day. I think starting on the weekend helped me as I kept myself busy.

Monday was a very difficult day with the hunger pangs and drinking so much water I was going to the toilet every half hour.

I started back in the gym on Monday as I feel if I training when I'm on the diet it helps me loose the weight quicker but also keeps me get in a good headspace.

I went into ketosis on Tuesday (checked using ketostix) which meant the hunger pangs had gone away and I was starting to get the feel good factor back.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where similar to Tuesday, I had my first complement on Saturday at boxing training that I had lost weight which was nice. I had my weight in and lost 9.7lb which I was delighted with.

Sunday was very difficult as I had plans to meet my mates and knew there would be food and drinks, I wasn't keen on telling them about what I was doing as I found people are two quick to judge and give there opinion. I drove and said I had just had food (I had a shake just before meeting them) I resisted the temptation but had some bubbles (fizzy water!) to celebrate with myself on my week one weight loss.

I woke up yesterday freezing and felt a cold coming on which I got the first time I did lipotrim. Last night I went to bed early and woke up this morning feeling worse, cold and cough. I am determined not to take any medication so I stay in ketosis.

I managed to do a gym session today but I felt I had no energy.

Roll on tomorrow and hopefully I will be feeling better.

Like the first time I did lipotrim I took a starting picture of my front, back and side to see the weight loss process.

Some tips I would recommend:
oPurchase ketostix
oDrink sparkling water as a change to still water
oTake weekly pictures of yourself
oMeasure your body (chest, belly,waist, thigh and arms)
oBreak your goals into small timeframes
oMost of all stay positive and remember how good the feel good factor is

I will be posting regular updates here....
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Day 13 done and dusted. I'm looking forward to getting on the scales tomorrow. I made myself not get on the scales since my last weight in. I often weight mid week and have found this to wind me up if I haven't had a decent weight loss.

I had a mixed week with the cough and cold but stayed away from medication and managed to keep focused.

I managed to get to the gym four times this week to do cardio and weights.

Next week I need to up the exercise level with some boxing training, shipping and cardio.

A few people have recommended the Insanity Workout, has anyone tried this?

Anything more than a 6lb loss tomorrow and I will be chuffed.

Right it's off to bed I go.
I've tried insanity, it's a real ass-kicking workout and REQUIRES the diet that goes with it. You have to follow the diet strictly and actually eat quite a lot otherwise you'll burn out. Honestly I think trying to do Insanity while doing lipotrim is just silly and I can tell you already it won't end well. If you really want to do a workout like that look at P90 or P90X. P90 would be the better option while you're on lipotrim.
Hi, I'm new to this and have started lipotrim today. I'm a 31 year old female, 5ft 6 and 13 stone. Almost obese according to the chart. Anyway, I was going to wait until Monday but decided to start today. Just had my first shake and I actual quite liked it. I will try a black coffee in a bit. It's great to see your stories so I'm hoping reading this will keep me going.
My bigest worries are:
feeling weak
losing hair
piling the weight back on
but I will crack on and see what happens
Good luck to you all :)
claire x
Day 14 and I just had my weight in -6lb, I am down 16lb in two weeks and I happy with that.

I had my third boxing session today and found it very hard as it was intense non stop for an hour and the calorie dedicate is not helping with my energy levels but I will solider on.

Roll on the weekend. Time for some celebratory bubbles ....(sparkling water) and cinema. The life of a lipotrimmer!

Roll on next week where I hope to get below 13 stone.

Have a good week everyone.
Hi Claire,

Welcome and I hope your journey goes well. If you put your mind to it you will get the results.

I find if I keep myself busy and out of the house I don't even think about food.

I felt weak and a little light headed the first time I did lipotrim when I was exercising at the start but that past. Plenty of water I found had helped me.

The forum is a great place for advice and support if you need it.

Good luck with your journey and keep us all updated.
Day 17 and it is starting to get that bit easier. Last night I decided to go through my wardrobe and try on some of the clothes that I am determined I never want to fit into our wear. The black comfy trousers have been replaced with chinos I last wore over a year ago when I was on liptorim. I find my clothes tell the real story of my weight loss.

Yesterday I managed to do 4.5km on the cross trainer, some shadow boxing and upper body work.

I had no temptation to eat over the weekend as I kept myself busy. i.e not sitting around the house. I actually went and met a friend of mine who had some food while I had my shake, it was a bit weird but I didn't have the temptation to eat, my mindset is mad up that I want to get to my goals weight and the more I focus on it the quicker I will get there and will be able to have some healthy food.

Yesterday was nearly a disaster when I got to work I realised I had left my shake at home, I called a six pharmacies near my job to see if they would sell me a days worth, most said no, one did agree. When I went to collect the sachets I asked how much a weeks supply was and she it was £36, I nearly collapsed and said I will take a week supply. £36 instead of £60! Yes please and thank you very much I said in my mind!

I am feeling really positive at the moment something I haven't felt about myself in over a year.

Day 17 lets be having you....
Day 19, the past couple of days have gone well. I managed to get a couple if gym sessions in and drink plenty of water into my system.

I went to the pharmacy to this evening to swap some shakes for coconut and peanut flap jacks. I just had one if each and they are rank. I have another two days of them which I don't know how I am going to stomach them.

Right it's time to wrap up warm and take the team I manage for a training session around the Emirates stadium.

I have resisted the temptation to get on the scales since my last weight in. I'm hoping to get below the 13 stone mark this Saturday when I weight in.
I started lipotrim today and have been searching through this forum for some advice and sanity. I came across your thread and found it really helpful. I work a high stress job and do 12.5hr shifts including nights which sometimes I don't get breaks so I can manage the hunger pangs, its the urge to then pig out on fast junk food and crabs which I'm hoping the shakes will tame. I was going to set a goal like run a half marathon by the summer. How did you find working out and training in the first few weeks? I'm expecting to feel dizzy and definitely don't want a scene of fainting at the gym..
Hi Grainne,

Good luck on your journey, I would suggest breaking your goals down in a long term go ie. running a half marathon etc but would then break it down into a weekly goal. If you plan to far a head it can be hard work.

It sounds like your a busy bee with work so planning when yo have your shakes will be important if you are working nights. One thing I would recommend is to take a starting picture of yourself in your underwear and when you have the urge to break the plan and eat take look at the picture and think, is this how I want to look etc.

I take weekly pictures of my front, back and side on to see the progress. This is something I fell has kept me going when I was thinking of quitting or eating.

I am back training daily doing cardio and weights and haven't had any dizzy spells. The first I did LT in 2012 I did get the odd busy spell but it pass in no time.

The forum is a great place for help and support if and when you need it.

Keep us posted on how you get on.
Day 21 and I have had my weekly weight in down 6lb, that's 22lb in three weeks. I set my weekly goal last week to get below 13 stone, I weighted in at 12st 13lb. Over the moon would be an understatement.

I'm just back from my boxing training, I do a weekly session for a white collar boxing fight I'm an undertaking in mid March. I only took up boxing the day I started lipotrim. With the level of training I am doing for the boxing and fitness work I am finding it harder and harder while doing Lipitrim with the lack of energy. I felt weak and dizzy with ten minutes to go in my session but soldiered on.

There is no better feeling of training to the max and then going for my weekly weight in, they go hand in hand and keep me positive and focuses.

Today is going to be tough it's a friends party in a restaurant and drinks after it, I got a few flapjacks this week for the first time which taste awful, the peanut is slightly better than the coconut, trying to eat two in one sitting is hard (I am a male). But I think it will be more discreet in the restaurant eating the flapjacks than attempting to mix up a shake. On the upshot I can fit into my 33 inch waist skinny jeans it's been over a year since I last wore them!

This weeks goals is to loose another 4lb and to increase the level of training I am doing.

Keep positive, stay focused and remember we are all doing this for ourselves.

Peace out
Day 23

After having a great three weeks and the going out for a friends party on Saturday night I feel off the wagon and ended up eating some food. It was more of everyone asking about why I wasn't eating etc etc, its not easy to explain about liptotrim to a groups of lads.

I was annoyed at myself yesterday for eating on Saturday night and I am determined it doesn't happen again until I finished my journey on Lipotrim.

I am not expecting much of a loss this week because I am out of ketosis but I will make up for my mistake with extra training.
Don't worry too much about it. Most people have had the odd 'slip up' or, like me, have to eat on occasion. Best thing is to get right back on the waggon and keep at it. You'll soon get back into ketosis again. You're also doing loads of exercise so it won't have done too much harm. I had to go to 2 work lunches last week and still lost just over 2lbs, so you might not lose your usual 6lbs (I wish I could) but you'll still hopefully have a good one.
Day 27, I have been having a good week and doing lots of exercise. I was so busy last night I didn't have my second shake until 9:30pm and went to bed at 10.30pm, I hope this doesn't affect me in anyway.

Tomorrow is my weight in day for week four and I am a bit nervous about it. I slipped up last weekend and ate some food, this has been playing on my mind all week and made me more determined to train harder and that bit more.

If I get a three pound loss this week I will be happy if I put on weight I will be distraught!

One thing I am determined to do is not to break the plan again, the fastest way possible to getting to me goal weight is my focus.

God be with the days of eating junk food on a Friday night it has been replaced by spin class and cinema and the excitement of having my shake! One thing I have noticed is my bank balance is healthier this month, LT maybe expensive but with breakfast, lunch and dinner and no booze factored in its can only be a positive.

I went back to the pharmacy during the week (not my regular pharmacy) and got two weeks of LT for £36 per week! I am going to continue to go there until they realise they are charging the wrong amount. £24 a week saving a nice some of money which will be spent on some new clothes that fit now I am loosing the weight!

Wish me luck for tomorrow, the most nervous I have been about a weight in!
Day 30

I had my weekly weight in last Saturday day 28th and lost 1.5lb. I know why the weight loss was not great as I eat the previous Saturday. My body fat did drop 4% though.

The weekend was a struggle as I was disappointed with only a small weight loss but anytime I though about given up Looked at the picture I took at the start of my journey.

This week will involve lots of cardio training. I did 7.5km today. This Saturday in doing at multi activity race 7.5km in mud, water and several other things.

The flapjacks are rank and nearly made me vomit yesterday.

Peace out for now.
Lol re the flapjacks. Don't worry too much about a smaller weight loss. I honestly think that some weeks people loose inches (or fat in your case) and sometimes people loose pounds. Keep looking at the big picture! You're doing fantastically well ...
Day 33

An average day at best, work, gym and cinema, I had to eat the flapjacks at the cinema tonight as I didn't want to shake the shake in the cinema, bit god the flapjacks are rank.

Tomorrow will be a day off training with doing the mud n madness race on Saturday, I set the race as my half way go between starting lipotrim and my boxing match in March to keep me focused and motivated.

I did some clothes shopping tonight and fitted into a slim 34 waist trousers!

If I don't have a big lose on the scales I think I maybe training to much, with cardio and weights but I can see myself getting toned.

I have been doing lots of research about the paleo diet and it's what I'm going to do when I'm done with lipotrim.

I set myself the goal of 12st 7lb but may revise my goal and go for 12st 0lb by March 14th. This will give me a buffer zone if I put in weight during my refeed.

Two days to weight in! Anything above 3lb and I will be happy.
Day 35

I just had my weekly weight in and lost 4.3lb, I'm down 28lb in 35 days and have got to my goal weight I set in January. Over the moon is an understatement. 12st 7lb. I have reached my goal but now I'm aiming for 12st 0lb by March 14th.

I'm not one for posting photos but here is the transformation to date.

Right it's time to celebrate with some fizzy water on the drive to my race.

Peace Out.


Wow 28lbs in 35 days, that's fantastic :) Hopefully I can do the same.

Pic looks fab by the way...well done

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