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Giving Blood?


I will be skinny again!!!
Hi this is from CD website same would apply for Lipotrim I would think:

Is it all right to continue the ‘Sole Source’ programme if giving blood?
The ‘Sole Source’ programme should not be followed for one week preceding blood donation and for one week after. In fact, a centre will refuse to take blood if they know the donor is on a very low calorie diet, because blood viscosity and volume are affected by the ‘Sole Source’ programme.


My husband = My hero
your body needs all the help it can get at the moment hun iv had to put off giving blood too... but it will be healthier blod wen i can!!

i think we would collapse if they took our blood at the moment lol

Hiya hunny you will be refused unless you come off the diet at least a couple of weeks in advance to giving blood.
You *could* as in, if it was an emergency (you're a rare blood type, someone else with that type needed a transfusion from you only) but in terms of general blood donation, no.


I will be skinny again!!!
I emailed LT and got a reply saying that it was fine?

That I had to have a shake 1 hour before hand and take a flapjack with me for after :S
Nowhere will take my blood in Ireland, I dont know if its the same in the UK or NI, but because I was born in London in '87, they wont take my blood because of the risk of variant CJD???
Its a very rare and fatal disease of the brain and nerveous system. Some people have been in contact with this disease when they were linked with eating meat from cattle that had been infected with the mad cow disease (BSE)
Nope!! (MOOOOOOOO!!!!!)

But they wont take my blood or platelets or anything just in case, its a pain in the ass and they're only shooting themselves in the foot because thousands of Irish people went to the UK in the 80s and then came back ,so theres a massive contingent of willing donors that they're just cutting out cause of a slight slight possibility!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
I know...

Im in N ireland and it says that over 94% over hear still dont give blood.. its probably because they arent allowed to!!
I wonder if I went up to Newry would they take it... Hmm, must do a little research! Cause I feel so bad when they do blood drives in uni, I cant do anything and everyone thinks I'm hogging all my blood to myself!

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