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Glycogen weight?



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Broxi what is JUDDD?

My understanding is that your glycogen levels will refill when you start eating carbs again. My CDC said it would usually be about half of what you lost on your first week on CD - but I'm not sure that that's true actually.
Hi Guru, so basically if I lost 7lb, I will gain about 3 1/2lb my first week off? Is that it?
JUDDD is Johnson's Up Day Down Day Diet. It is a day of VLC eg under 500 cals so I SS, followed by a day of whatever you want within reason - about 2000 cals roughly. You just alternated this. Apparently it has great health benefits - anti-inflammatory. It is easy to do as you do not feel deprived as only 1 day of hardship followed by food. I personally don't know what the losses are like so far as I was on SS for week before but weigh in on Sat but don't know if this glycogen thing will affect my weight loss.
broxi, i have done JUDDD before.
the best way to avoid large glycogen gain in ur first week is to go easy on the carbs, introduce them slowly.
for example, or ur first few UP days, dont go bad with high carbs (potatoes, pasta etc). try protein based meals with a small amount of added carbs. introduce them back gradually and the initial glycogen stores will be much less.
gl on JUDDD
Hi Cheryl, Did JUDDD work for you? What were your losses like?

nightnight, what are you doing now? Have you given up or are you on any other diet?
hi broxi,
the losses on JUDDD were ok. not as good as cd in general but the diet itself is easier and we cant have everything can we. lol
the thing to watch out for on juddd is NOT to kid urself. its so easy to think ' ok i had an up day yesterday but if i have another up day today i could do 2 down days' yes, in theory that is fine but its not so easy to then have the 2 down days.
Thanks Cheryl,
As long as I lose I'm happy. So far I've STS on Day 5/6 so here's hoping. CD is brilliant but I just can't do it.
Thanks for your advice xxx
Do you reckon I should gain about 3 or 4lb this week then cos of glycogen stores?
Glycogen weight :)

When you reduce carbs you reduce the glycogen. Glycogen holds 3 to 4 times it's weight in water. Hence the big losses in the first week. With the plans, you gradually gain it back, but continue to lose weight as you are still low calorie.

If you come straight off Cambridge, you'll gain it back quickly. The amount varies but it's often equal to the first week minus about 3 lbs.

This doesn't just happen with Cambridge. Any diet that reduces carbs works this way. In fact most diets to a certain extent gives some of the water loss in the first week because most diets reduce at least some level of carbs because you tend to eat less of everything.

With Juddd, you'll lose some glycogen on the DD, and gain some on the UD. Hopefully calories overall will mean a loss of fat and that's what you are really looking for.

The glycogen/water is the thing that will make the scales swing from day to day, so don't worry about it. It's the fat you are concerned about and that will show as a gradual decrease over the weeks :)
Hey thanks KD, I was actually hovering about, adding to the post in the hope that you would answer! lol! x

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