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Goal by Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I've been a member here for a while, but I've mostly lurked... Lost some weight last year on WW - gained some of it back - lost some more on Rosemary Conley - gained some of it back etc etc :rolleyes:

I think I'm finally in the frame of mind to do this long-term and get to goal - so far the SW plan seems fantastic; much more liveable than anything else I've tried. So I just wanted to say hello and put my promise to myself down in writing: I can do this, and I can get to goal (10st) by Christmas! :bliss:

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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Thank you! I do indeed intend to look at it in 7lb chunks :) I bought a charm bracelet and I mean to buy myself a charm for every half a stone to mark my progress. I need to break the link between "oooh I lost weight" and "now I can treat myself with a huge takeaway meal" hehe.
Charm bracelet is a fantastic idea mind! I want 2 stone then will get a tattoo then when I'm at goal would likeca big tattoo on my back ...! :) c xx
Cool idea, Cazdaspaz! I'm too scared of pain to ever get a tattoo :D

Glad you like the charm bracelet idea too, hel10683! Steal away - I definitely nicked the idea from someone else ;) I think it'll be nice to have a reminder on my wrist whenever I'm tempted to break my diet - plus, I'll end up with a lovely piece of jewellery by the time I hit goal, hurrah!
Dun dun duuunnn weigh in time fingers crossed cos I'm poopin myself (not literally unfortunately lol)
what do charms cost?? can you afford one every 3-4 weeks? :)

maybe as an interim "reward" you could put £5 in a jar for every 1lb you lose.. that way you've got £35 for a charm when you've lost 7lbs :)...
What a great idea, I think I might steal that as well. And great idea ColJack to put money in a jar for every pound lost. Great incentive to lose the weight.

Good luck on your journey!
My hubby does that! For every pound Iv lost he puts a pound in the tin! ( one of them u need to use a tin opener to open....so I can't keep dipping in!) it's a really big incentive for me to keep going!!
Hope he's guna spend it on clothes for when your at goal and gorgeous ? I lost 3.5 tonight yay x
Cazdaspaz said:
Hope he's guna spend it on clothes for when your at goal and gorgeous ? I lost 3.5 tonight yay x
Yeah he says it's for a whole new wardrobe!! There's a lot to go till I get to goal thou! But I'll get there one day! Well done on 3.5!!
Evening all!

Big congrats on losing 3.5 cazdaspaz - that's awesome!

ColJack, that's a great idea about putting money aside for every pound lost... I might do that for the huge shopping spree I'm going to go on when I get to goal :) The charms I'm looking at cost about £20-5 which is fine for my budget. To be honest, I'm saving quite a lot by packing my own lunches rather than popping to the shop every day! (Hurrah!)

dawnwynne - great! The more the merrier! We should have a thread in the future and show off our jewels :)

mrsbrogden22 - that's so nice of your husband! Maybe I'll ask my boyfriend to do that... But since we have a joint account, it'd just be like I was saving my own money, haha ;)

Hi lesley50! Good to hear you have the same goal, and we have quite similar start weights. We can get there together! *optimistic*
hmmm... I'm envisioning a silver charm bracelet with food charms available for sale by all SW consultants.. :)..

little silver BigMac... slice of pizza.... doughnut.... cupcake... hot dog.... :)

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