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Goal weight. How do I decide?

I picked my target weight from remembering when i was most happy at a certian size. You should set your target weight to anything you want it to be hun, just set it at what ever will make you happy :)


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I agree with SJ - set something that you know you'll be happy at from past times.

Also, set something that is going to be maintainable and achievable. I didn't set my T for ages and am actually upping the weight because as time has gone on, I'm getting happier with my body and now feel my T was too low.

So, take it as it comes. It's always good to set mini Ts along the way too.

Hope you're enjoying SW xxx


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I looked at the BMI chart, and worked out the HEAVIEST weight for my height in the 'normal' part and chose that!

I suspect I will adjust it nearer the time to something a bit higher (I am quite thick set lol) but at the moment it's so far off it doesn't really matter if it is 100% accurate or not


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I looked at the height weight chart and chose the middle weight for my height.

As others have said though pick a weight that you will be happy with, and can maintain fairly easily - you don't want to be struggling to maintain your target weight after all the hard work of getting there.
I set my target weight for now to just lose a couple of stone, then when i reach that will decide if im happy with it or not, if not will just set a new target :)
I set mine at 10st7 as I hadn't been that weight for a long time and thought it would be fine for me. However, when I got there I still wanted to lose more so I dropped it to 10 stone and have been there ever since!
I'd still love to lose another half stone as I am at the top end of my BMI but I am happy with the way I look for the most part and to be honest, it's hard enough to maintain this weight so I can't imagine how long it would take me to lose another half stone.
I may do one day but for now I'm happy.

Your consultant can advise but will never set you a weight and you are not pushed into doing so until you are ready.
hi hun, i set mini goals througout my weight loss and when i reach them i set another- if your like me ya wont know when your goal is untill you have near enough hit it x


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I agree with byron, mini goals keep you on track and are less daunting. The BMI is there for a reason. A normal BMI is a helathy weight range. A goal in this range should see you fitter and less likely to develop some of the weight related conditions eg diabetes, cardiac disease, aching joints etc xx

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