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goals at 5ft 4in - in the right forum hopefully!

This is reposted from exante off topic becuase i have no idea where it goes!!

I know this is vague and probably not just an exante thing but i thought i would ask. I'm 9days in TS and previously an LLer.

I'm curious what anyone my height is looking to achieve as a goal weight? I appreciate we are all different and we all hold our weight differently etc etc but i thought it would be interesting.

I'm 5ft 4in (pear shaped when the going is good) and my goal is 167lbs - mainly because that is the weight i finished LL as and it felt good to me. I feel like i should try and get to a healthier BMI but right now i'm happy if i get to where i was then reassess. I thinks its a bout dress size too, i would like to buy size 14 clothes.

What are your goals (and why, maybe??)

(P.s. you don't need to be 5ft 4in - thats just what i am :D)
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I'm 5'3" and my ultimate goal would be 10 stone however if I made it to 12 stone I'd also be very pleased! Even at 12 stone (which is still classed as overweight) I would look and feel miles better.
hi lord lulu, its difficult to know how i would feel i guess. i briefly remember 12 stone from last year and it felt good. but when i'm that again, will i think its not enough? hmm. right now overweight is much more appealing than obese! i guess the grass is always greener ;)
Hi, im 5,6 and my normal weight is between 9.5 and 10 st, so aiming for 10 st first. I will probably try to get down to 9 st, so I can allow for a few lbs when I start eating again. Normally size 10-12, atm size 18!
I'm 5'4" too and I'm aiming for 133lbs, I've reached that before and it felt right got me.
Thanks guys for your responses. Really shows the differences people are looking for, i guess as you say soon2b that its what feels right for you.

I've been overweight all my life and i got down to 167b last year before having to quit the gym to start doing a house renovation. Its the lowest weight i've been since well, forever i guess.
I'm 5ft 5ins and aiming for 147lbs but would like to lose a further 14lbs after that.
I started with a goal of 141 lbs and got down to that but put some on. Now I probably would go down a bit further as I wouldlike a BMI of 22 or lower as I think it would be healthier plus I have got the buzz of being slimmer-I am 5ft 4in.
I'm 5' 2" and would like to get down to around 12st ish. I went from 22st to 12st 6lb in 2006 (on Cambridge) and felt ok there ... even though I was still a size 16/18 because of my height. It still felt a helluva lot better than a size 32 :)

I'm almost 50 and at that weight my face was about as thin as I'd want it to go ... I do have to take wrinkles into account these days. So a size 10 would never be a goal of mine - I think I'd look like the crypt keeper and scare small children!

A 14 would be lovely - but I'd settle for a 16 :)
I'm 5'3 and my goal is 158lbs (11st 4). That's actually a fair bit smaller than I'd ever really want to be (12stone is a very good weight for me) - but I have to get safely below BMI 30 to get on the IVF waiting list.
I'm 5'3" and I want to be comfortable in a size 14. I haven't been there for years so it's hard to know what weight that is! I'm aiming for 11st 7 so if I can get to 11st and give myself a 7lb buffer for coming off Exante I'll do that. :)


This is my year
I'm aiming for 8 stone - I'm a bit vertically challenged :D

Seems a long way to go right now, I can tell you :rolleyes:

Basing this weight on both BMI and 'ideal' weight charts - though as those things are years old it's hard to judge.

I might alter my target as time goes by.

Don't want to get too skinny now, do I? :D:D:D

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