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Gobolino's Food Diary - converted to ww now!

Saturday 7th August 2010 - Red Day

Breakfast:42g all bran, 14g museli (2x HB)skimmed milk (HA) and muller greek yog low fat corner (3.5syns)

Snacks: 2 hot choc (4syns), 3 mini baby bel light (HA), banana

Dinner: salmon, broccoli and veg stir fry

Tea: mixed veg stir fry with prawns and muller greek yog low fat corner (3.5syns)

Exercise: 45 mins walking, body balance class :)

Total syns: 11syns
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Thanks for the welcome Say! I know, good news about the yogs :)
So different from my food diary! I don't eat cereal at all. Good to know on the mullers, I tend to only have the muller fat free ones.

Posting todays menu ready and I will alter as things change.

Sunday 8th August 2010 - Green Day

Breakfast:3 quorn sausages, beans, 2 eggs

Snacks: cherries, 1/4 piece of squidgy chocolate cake (from recipe boards my version 12 syns per cake ..... so 3syns), greek yog (3.5syns)

Dinner: layered cheese salad (HA), light salad cream (3syns), (pudding: chocolate weetabix (HB&2syns) & 175ml skimmed milk (1/2HA))

Tea: couscous, sweetcorn, chickpeas, kidney beans. Mixed seeds 28g (HB), 1/4 of squidgy cake(3syns)

Exercise: 1hour 30 mins walking, body balance class :)

Total syns: 14.5 so far
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Hi Hathor

I love cereal!!!! I usually have to stick to those that are already measured (weetabix, shredded wheat etc) or porridge. I have to be careful with those that need weighing ;)

Thanks for the welcome x
Yeah day 2 is done !!! I'm chuffed :bliss:
Monday 9th August 2010 - Green Day

Breakfast:chocolate weetabix (HB&2syns), skimmed milk (HA),

Snacks: nectarine, banana, apple, grapes, greek yog (3.5syns), more chocolate weetabix (HB&2syns)

Dinner: layered cheese salad (HA)

Tea: couscous, sweetcorn, chickpeas, kidney beans. 1/2 of squidgy cake(6syns), muller greek yog (3.5syns), hot choc (2syns)

Exercise: 45 mins walking, body balance class :)

Total syns: 19 (oops will make up for this tomorrow, far too much cereal today!)
Tuesday 10th August 2010 - Red Day

Breakfast: 5 chocolate weetabix (2x HB & 8syns) not all for breakfast by the way, had some as a snack when I came home from work!)skimmed milk (HA)

Snacks: 1 mini baby bel light (HA), banana, apple, 2 nectarines, 1 golden kiwi

Dinner: chickpeas, couscous, kidney beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, and muller greek yog low fat corner (3.5syns)

Tea: new potatoes, beansprouts, carrots, courgette

Exercise: rest day ! (10mins dog walk)

Total syns: 11.5syns
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Ok, so I didnt make up for too much cereal yesterday, had even more today ! At least I'm within my syns though ;)

B-ryvita (HB), banana, cinnamon, milk in tea (HA)

D-layered cheese (HA) salad

T-2 packs of ryvita mini from multipack (HB&3.5syns), new covent garden soup (6.5syns)

Snacks- apple, kiwi, nectarine, 2 mini baby bel lights (4syns)

Exercise - body balance class, 25mins walk and now out for another 25mins :)
Syns total = 14 (mainly as its been a really busy day and I've had to grab what I can)
B- vlf fromage frais, raspberries, milk in tea (HA)

D- 2 eggs, homemade coleslaw, pickles, ryvita minis (HB)

snack-apple, kiwi

T- eating out: brushcetta with large salad, goats cheese salad - I know its stretching it a bit but I'm calling the whole of my tea a HA goats cheese, HB oil, 15syns for the rest of it. There was another huge salad with the main course too. Dont want to dwell on how many syns exactly as I'm right back on plan properly today :)
B- raspberries, redcurrants and 28g oats (HB), skimmed milk (HA)
D- cheese salad (HA), kiwi
T- cucumber sandwiches (2 small slices of wholemeal bread HB) and scone, jam, half fat creme fraiche (will find out syns in a minute) (will be avoiding french fancies and clotted cream being served up for everyone else :) !!)
I hope you don't mind me giving feedback?
I noticed you eat a lot of sweet things and snacks which are synned. Like one day you ate 1/2 of the squidgy cake. I think this might be slowing you down. Can you limit sweet treats to every other day?

I heard that syns are best used to make your superfree foods taste nice. You can use a really nice sauce which makes your veggies and lean meat taste good.

For a sweeter taste I usually use strawberries and mullerlight fat free yoghurts (the strawberry cheesecake one is 1syn I think?) ALthough yesterday I did have some real cheesecake :p

Also why is your greek yoghurt synned? If its fat free isn't it free?
Hi Hathor

No fire away feedback is great and very often people will spot things that you have no idea about ! I think the squidy chocolate cake was something that I wanted to make and eat when I first started as it lured me into thinking that I'm not on a diet and that I could still eat sweet things! I think limiting sweet things to every other day is a great idea, actually weds and yesterday I think managed not to have anything sweet even though we went out for food.

I dont eat mullerlights as they contain gelatin, my greek yog was a muller corner style which I had 12 free from work and they are gorgeous, I dont mind spending the 3.5syns on them. I do love berries and having those with vff fromage frais is lush :D

Hope you enjoyed your cheesecake, it does you good to have something you really fancy now and again doesnt it :)
Managed to avoid clotted cream and creme fraiche completely, but I did have a french fancy. We dont have visitors very often so it is nice to join in with everyone.

B-28g porridge (HB), skimmed milk (HA), apple, pear and redcurrants
D-light choices egg salad sandwich (HB) & ???syns, banana, apple, I have some ryvita mini's on hand if I'm desperate.
T-eating out again :)
Not able to get to any classes this weekend and not able to go walking too much with the visitors either, so I'm hoping to get a swim in tomorrow afternoon when they have gone home. Sometimes you do just have to go with it and make up when you can. :)
hi you know me from the weightwatchers board (although i have stopped posting there this week as dedicating myself 100% to SW)

My name is tess 02 03 on there.
How are you finding SW?

I have had a weeks holiday and a wedding today and then it is back to plan tomorrow.

Hi Teresa :)

You found me -nice to 'see' you! I'm getting on ok thanks, we have visitors this weekend but we've done the meal out and the scones so its back on plan today, we're having a bbq and getting some trout to put on it and some nice salad. I'm finding SW is great at the moment, I've managed to get my head around it... by that I dont just mean that I understand it, but also that it seems a good balance between getting me on a plan but not feeling like I need to rebel against the plan.

Hope you enjoyed the wedding! Hope you had a nice weeks holiday too, I'm finding SW fits in slightly better with visitors and time off, do you find the same ?

I'll look out for your posts on here, although mostly this week I've only had a chance to update my diary and havent posted on the main board :(

Have a good week xxx
:) On the positive side I did manage a swim today ! :)

:( On the negative side I didnt have such a good day food wise today :(

Will definitely be back on plan tomorrow, will have a think and post a food diary for tomorrow on here asap!

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