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Going back to class


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Have been thinking about rejoining SW for the past few weeks - haven;t been to class since May due to losing my job - i have put on about 1stone - to say iam shocked is an understatement.

Anyway bumped into a fellow SW member for my old group yesterday, and had a real good chat about things....

The only thing is worry me, is about going back to my old group with for my such a large weight gain..... and i not sure what kind of reception i would get, or do i look for a new group, where nobody knows me.

Any advice would be most welcome

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I was in this situation last year but with ww, I stopped going to my group and put 20lbs on. Then decided to go to a different group because I didn't want to face the leader really. I found that I never really faced up to what was wrong last time, and the going to a new group thing was sort of like hiding the fact that I was struggling. Needless to say I didn't last very long at the second class either lol.

I would definitely go back to your original class. I'm sure everyone will just be glad to see that your ready to keep trying, I know I'd be pleased if someone returned to my group after an absence, no matter how much they'd put on!
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If it was me I would go back to the old group. Everybody there will understand how hard it can be to lose weight and how easy it can be to fall off the wagon. Your C won't say how much you've put on so people won't know exactly how much you have put on unless you tell them

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Definately go back to your old group. Alright you've put some weight back on but life does sometimes get in the way of dieting. I'm sure the familiar faces will welcome you back with open arms. Everyone has little hiccups from time to time.


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original group I think, from what I've seen of returners no one is judged for leaving and returning with weight gain, just welcomed from people who remember you x
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Well I was embarrassed to go back to my old group (which was enormous) so I changed to a smaller group and am so glad I did.

I don't think I have ever met such a nice bunch of ladies (and men) and I feel completely at home in this one and it feels like a real fresh start.

Do what feels right for you. You may never go back if you feel so worried about facing the same people again.
You've done the hard bit petal in deciding to go back to class to get on track. If you enjoyed the class you attended go back. There will most likely be as many new people as oldies there. I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms.
If it's the handiest class just go back. There is nothing embarrassing about getting back on track ..... You should be applauded. Be proud hold your head up and give them the pleasure of your company


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i'd say almost half of the people in my old ww class were returners and no-one ever blinked an eye, I was one myslef, quite a few times, its personal choice but I wouldnt worry too much hun :)


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Thank you all for your kind comments, about going back to class - iam gonna go back to my old group on Thursday evening.....

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I went back to class last weekend after class got changed to a new day and moved location, then i went to another class that suited as day didnt and then quit, now about a year after starting last year and 1 stone heavier (the stone i had lost before) im back to the class i went to at the start, everyone was lovely with a few asking where we have been hiding glad to be back, goodluck!!


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good luck hun (not that you'll need it) :)

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