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Going Edinburgh for a romantic weekend!

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It will be out 8 year anniversary next Tuesday and to celebrate we are going in to Edinburgh on Sunday for posh dinner, watch the fireworks and then a couple mojitos and salsa dancing. I can't wait!!

I'm furiously trying to save up my syns and want to keep on track but at the same time dont want to spoil our romantic weekend away trying to think about syn content of everything I am eating. So how about this for a plan?

I am going to be super good Sunday morning & lunchtime, have a yummy dinner, couple of glasses of wine but then stick to spirits afterwards. In the morning I can have mushrooms, bacon, poached egg and brown toast, pick a SW friendly lunch and make sure that I have skimmed milk in my Starbucks later. Hopefully that should avoid too much damage?

Also - my weigh in is on Monday and we're not planning on getting home in time to make it. There is one on Tuesday - should I go for that one or just try to be super good all next week and hope for a loss the week after?

Soooo excited about going away - got a fab deal for the v posh George Hotel (£67 for the night instead of £190!!) and if we get a room facing the right way we will be able to see the castle from our window!
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Slow but sure....
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It sound's wonderful, have a romantic and lovely anniversary weekend together, best wishes to you both. X


Nojo on the YoYo
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Daisyboo that sounds awesome!

Where's that St George hotel deal from? Me and my BF went to Edinburgh for our first ever weekend away together, it was fab! We went on the open top buses and had a touristy time!

We also went to a Chinese buffet, which was sooooo naughty but really delicious. We are Chinese buffet fiends :-(

But did lots and lots of walking, so counted it as Body Magic and threw caution to the wind, so to speak!

Just have lots of fun, try and make healthy choices, go to your WI so you can assess the damage, and make up for it the week after!

Have lots and lots of fun too! :) xx
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Aww jealous much!
We were supposed to go up in August with the children but it didnt work out, so hopefully be going up in October half term instead.
My OH is from Edinburgh, it's great!


A moaning old boot!!!!
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Have a great time. Me and my OH are going to Peebles (near Edinburgh) for a few days away soon and I CANT WAIT. We are gonna be doing lots of walking and body magic so for those few days im not gonna be too strict on myself!!
HAVE A GREAT TIME x x x x x x x x x x x
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Have a lovely time, as the others have said enjoy it and you seem to have a plan in mind already which is a huge help, and do go to that weigh in, it really helps to keep you focused.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Have a wonderful time! I met OH in Edinburgh 37 years ago! Just don't start a pub crawl on Rose St or you won't remember the weekend! :p


Strutting her stuff
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:wavey: from Edinburgh!

Bring your brolly! :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Hope you have a great time.

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