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  1. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Hi everyone :), im Jenn, I'm new to calorie counting, although I'm not new to trying to lose weight, I've tried absolutely everything, from weight watchers, slimming world, slim fast to slimming tablets, and I haven't had any lasting success. So I figured I would give calorie counting a go, as I can pretty much eat what a chose, as long as I stick withinh my daily calories (I'm obviously going to try and chose healthy options).

    Anyway a little about myself, I'm 24 and have two wonderful children :) I work as a carer so I do all kinds of shifts (including nights) so my eating can be all over the place at times. I would say I'm a bit of a binge eater so I really need to work on not letting myself get over hungry by healthy snacking and drinking enough (always struggled with this) but I will drink 2-3 litres a day as of today :). My starting weight is 14stone 1lb :-( (holy moly) I really can't seem to shift any of my baby weight this time, my little man is 6 months old now so thought I would have lost something by now. My weight is really starting to make me insecure now, I used to live going shopping and now this is something I detest, I've even been know to cry in a dressing room when I can't even fit myself into a size 14, all I do now is cover myself up in boring non flattering black clothes and this really isn't me at all. So enough is enough, no more feeling sorry for myself I'm going to get on and do it, no more dreaming about being a size 8 and wearing beautiful clothes, I will be a size 8 :-D.

    Anyway enough of me going on lol, I'm going I be eating 1500 calories a day, 2-3 litres of water, and exercise at least 3 times a week, although I do walk a lot everyday aswell anyway. So my starting weight is 14st1lb and my goal weight is to be 9st, I'm going to break this down into mini goals of 7lb, and every time I get there I will give myself a non foody treat :), so wish me luck peeps, am now going to read through some diaries in here to get me some inspiration.
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  3. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Today's food diary:

    Breakfast: hot oats 149 cals, skimmed milk 80 cals
    Lunch: 2 slices 50/50 bread 188 cals, egg 78 cals, light mayo 44 cals.
    Dinner: Aldi breaded cod 280 cals, 1 potato made into chips 80 cals, 1/2 tin mushy meas 122 cals.
    Snacks: Special K biscuit moment 98 cals, banana 105 cals, Aldi light yog strawberry 131 cals, light malt drink 90 cals, Aldi digger bar 95 cals.

    Total calories today: 1542

    Well who knew u could eat so much only having about 1500 calories a day :).
  4. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    day 2 of calorie counting <3

    Good morning world :-D im going to be starting the 30 day shred today/ or davinas workout dvd, i can't quite decide which one yet, but def one or the other :-D. X
  5. Lisa123

    Lisa123 Silver Member

    Hi jenn just popping by to wish you luck. I'd recommend using mfp. Its a great app. Good luck. X

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  6. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Hi Lisa :-D thanks, i am using MFP now is amazeballs. X
  7. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    loving calorie counting and getting back to exercise <3

    Im really loving calorie counting, so versatile and nothing is off the menu :), also loving getting back into exercise, forgot how good ot feels, will update with food diary later x
  8. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Here to subscribe, I'm a fellow calorie counter :) It's always good to get a bit of extra support as there isn't that many of us CC on this site. xxxx
  9. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Hiya and good luck on your journey, which DVD did you decide to do?
  10. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Heyyyyyy goood luck on your journey x feel free to add me on mfp curvylicious_1214 :) X which dvd did u do in the end??

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  11. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Thanks guys :-D, was thinking its quiet over here in CC department......anyway ive gone with Davina, also using my exercise bike......go me.

    Anyway i've got some exciting news, it was weigh in today and i lost a lovely 4lbs :-D, officially in the 13's X
  12. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Way haaaay congrats x i cant wait to be in the 13s!! Im.14.10 at the momment aaah!!

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  13. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Well done on the loss!!!
  14. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Well done on your loss. That's fab news! xxxx
  15. mag104

    mag104 Full Member

    Well done you, great start :)
  16. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Yo yo just wanted to update, I'm still On track and I'm now 13st 6lbs :) yay x

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  17. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Food diary today:
    Porridge 200cal
    ham coleslaw sandwich 330cal
    Wotsits 99cal
    dinner: pasta n sauce 500cal
    snacks: hot choc 50cal
    Porridge 200cal

    total 1329
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