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going off your food!

hi everybody i just wanted to pick your brains for ideas !

recently i have totally gone off my food i am hungry and want to eat but just dont know what to have. no matter what i eat if its healthy or not i just dont enjoy it. any ideas what i can do? have any of you experianced this ?

many thanks in advance if anyone comes up with ideas for me.
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Hey Bunny

Assuming there is nothing medically wrong with you, do you have any idea why you have lost your appetite? What is your most favourite dish or ingredient? Do you enjoy cooking? Are you bored?
thanks for your reply sausage! there is no medical condition as far as i know of at first i thought it might be the weather but ive never been like this before! so all i can think of is that im bored. i do like cooking and making things i usually love my food and dont really dislike anything.
Maybe some "food porn" would help you get your appetite back and spark your interest in food again. The BBC Good Food site has lots of lovely recipes with pictures. Many of the recipes can be adapted to suit SW. Also, the recipe threads and food diaries here are great for inspiration.

Perhaps after 18 weeks on the plan you are bored of eating winter food. It is the salad season now so there are lots of different dishes to try. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


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Hoping you get over that soon, I can only dream of not wanting to eat lol. Might be because you have cut down for so long and you body is used to less food now, happened to me on Atkins, I was using about 500 cal a day at one point but it made me really ill in the end. Just wasn't hungry at all though. Now its the opposite I am obsessed with food and starving all the time.

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