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Going round in circles

Does anyone else feel like they're going round in circles?

I find I'm 100% on plan throughout the weekdays and then the weekend comes and I just binge in the evening. I don't know what's wrong with me!? It's really getting me down.:cry:

Any tips for staying on track at the weekend, please???
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Strutting her stuff
If you know that weekend evenings are your danger point then you need to plan how you will deal with that - why not save some syns so you can still have your treats at the weekend

Or do low syn versions of whatever it is that you like to eat at that time of night
Weekends generally have much less structure than weekdays for most people, so i attempt to structure mine too. I meal plan for the week, including the weekend and often cook on friday ready for the weekend to stop me cupboard and fridge staring!
Instead of sitting in front of the tv i try and get out for a walk, even after dark, i am much less likely to syn when i've feel virtuous lol. Have a long soak in the bath with a good book and put the wii on with the family to jump about a bit. Basically i try and plan ahead a bit better and break the routine from the usual.
Oh and i also dont have crap in the house, if OH wants choc or crisps he has to get off his bum to go to the shop for it!
Bee x
The only way it works for me is to start the week with my "pot" of 105 syns. Most weeks I've all but used the lot by the end of the weekend. Rest of the week I'll use less syns - usually in cooking - but the majority are used to make sure I'm having a little of what I fancy whether that's wine, beer, chocolate, takeaway, etc. Like someone else said I plan all my meals for the whole week, its so easy to waste precious syns if youre not organised. I count everything so I'm always in control - even if i go over - and always keep a food diary. It's surprising how much you can still enjoy and still stay on plan. HTH xx
I think meal planning is key. I usually have about 20 syns a day over the weekend and then about 10 during the week. As I don't have a lot to lose (only 1/2lb from target now) this works for me.