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Going to 2 weddings

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hmm... eating pure protein shouldn't take you out of ketosis, but the damage you might do to your frame of mind by introducing food could be something you'll end up regretting... :(

Once people come off plan, they often find it very hard to get back in the zone... And subsequent 'picking' on this diet just becomes harder and harder to resist... and could lead to ultimate failure. I know you may think 'pah, I'll be fine, I'll get right back on plan after'... but read a few of the diary's on here, you'll see it can be a real struggle for some...

I'd really encourage you to reconsider your decision to eat... If possible...

I went to a wedding a month ago, and I didn't eat anything. I had my shaker in the car, and went out before the meal and made myself a quick shake, drank it, then went back in... no-one was any the wiser.

And, when people asked why I wasn't eating at the meal, I said I was on anti-biotics and they made me feel a little queasy if I ate on them... was also the perfect excuse as to why I wasn't drinking alcohol too!

If you plan to be on an abstionence diet, then that's what it is. Complete abstinence from food. No if's or but's...

/my 2p worth... :D

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i agree pinkie. you only need to look at my stats to see how much of a mind battle it is. if you eat protien and still lose a significant amount what is that teaching you? nothing, there is no point doing a tfr.... likewise if you gained or stayed the same itll be so hard to get your head round the failing. im sorry if this is not what you want to hear. why dont you take a soup and get them to do it through the meal? or take your bar? ive been to a lot of family celebrations (meals and parties) while in abstinance first time and i stuck 100% true to the plan. my fear was if i ate and lost i would start pushing the boundaries. i didnt get to my size by remaining sensible.

hope you make the right decision for you. take care xx
Thanks for your help I think il just get a couple extra bars n take them that day as they are easier to bring with u my llc let me get a extra one 2 weeks ago as I was away to a footy match all day n had my 2 shakes in morning and a bar at 4 n then another one at 10 and I didn't seem to have any side effects