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Going to phone the counsellor tomorrow

Im taking the next step. Im going to phone tomorrow and try to get the ball rolling.

Ive a few questions.
When do I pay and how much do I pay?
Ive just tried to switch credit cards to pay for it. Dh wont entertain it. I wont have my new one for probably a week and even then I might still not get approved.

Will she give me the forms for the docs to get signed and can I get the nurse to sign them or does it have to be the doc.

I want to get started ASAP.
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I went last Weds. Because of my bmi being below a certain level I didn't need to take a form to the docs but she writes a letter. I paid per item but I don't know how they get paid. I paid about £40 for a week's supply. I'll get the amount I need each week. I wish she took card or cheque cos cash is a pain.


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I think you pay for the items when you pick them up. And no, I don't think a nurse can sign your form unless that's just what that doctor practices and she has his stamp or something like that, so bottom line is the doctor has to approve it.
Hey Laura! x

If your bmi is over 40 or you havesome medical conditions then you will need the doc to sign them, but other then that no you wont.
Last lot i bought cost me 36 quid and is it owch - but seeing thr weight drop off is great.
Thanks for your replies. My bmi is 28.5, im only 5ft though so being 10lb 8 makes me look big. I hope its not cash, if it is though I can just pay my avon by credit card and use that money for cd.
OOOOH, im a bad lady.
I cant wait to get started.
Hope everyone else is getting on well.

I think most CDC's only accept cash. I pay just under £40 per week for my supply.

I had to get my form signed and got it done by the nurse practitioner (if I remember the form says medical practitioner or something so that was ok), but it depends on what your surgery has. The nurse practitioner can give out prescriptions and stuff, which I think is why it was ok.

Hope you are able to get started soon. Let us know how you get on. x
Hi Laura I think you will have to pay cash, I pay around £37 per week sounds a lot but when you think you dont have to buy any food for yourself from the supermarket or spend on those take aways I think you may actually save money in the long run. GOOD LUCK!
Hi Laura
Think it really depends on your CDC. Mine take Cheques or cash.The cost also between £35-40 per week, depending on what you want ie shakes/tetras and things like the water flavoring. Good luck :)


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HI. well done on the first step. I pay about 1.80 per sachet about 5.40 a day. i agree with cuddly on the cost effectiveness. i was spending about 5.00 a day buying lunch at work so fo me its really saving me money and i'm looseing weight. xoxox


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Hiya hun, well done on taking next step. I pay cash and it comes to £40.95 per week (21 sachets at £1.95 each, tetras and sachets are same price from my CDC). Its well worth it for me as usually I spend around £100 a week on shopping whereas it will only cost about £20-30 for hubbys food now ;)
Also, its so exciting seeing the weight fall off, I started yesterday and had a naughty weigh in today and have lost 6lbs already :party0019::party0049::party0049::party0049:
Best of luck babes :)
Thanks for the replies,
the cdc I got in touch with yesterday didnt get back to me but there was another number and it seems more local to me so Im going to try that once oh has gone to work.
I will seek you out ayrshire cdc!!! hahaha

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