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  1. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to this site and the Cambridge diet! :)

    I was mortified this morning to see I was over 15 stone!! :-( I'm 25 in a weeks time and this is not how I want to be! I've just got back from a fortnight in Turkey and my weight held me back..I didn't want photos, I felt uncomfortable all the time, just gutted that I've let myself go really. I don't want this for the next holiday!

    I lost a lot of weight before on the Dukan diet and exercising 3-4 times a week with a PT and at the gym, then due to some life stresses I binged! :-/

    I have booked in to see a councillor on Monday and I can't wait! I'm so nervous as I've never tried anything like this before but I need to do something drastic and teach myself not to eat for emotions.

    I heard the first few days are the worst I just really hope I get the will power and it works for me! Is anyone else starting soon?

    Can't wait to look through everyone's experiences and get some enlightenment :)

    Have a lovely sunny day!
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  3. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    hi hun, im on day 12 of CD (2nd time round), the first 2-3 days are the worst so keep yourself busy and keep focused on your first weigh in, keep drinking your water and you be fine.

    good luck.xx
  4. jaybee

    jaybee Full Member

    Good luck, as minecraftmum said keep busy and swigging the water, you will do it! Xx
  5. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Agree with previous help also, remember why you are doing this and its not forever just to get the weigh down, by then you will be eating sensibly . Good Luck x
  6. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    Thank you everyone. I live alone in London and have no support, it really helps knowing we are all in the same boat on this diet and I am going to buy a bobble bottle again so I can make sure I drink lots! I used to drink 3 litres anyway before so shouldn't be hard but the no food will be odd! Yes I'm already being asked to go away end of august and I won't be going if I haven't lost Amy weight! How is everyone doing?
  7. misslaylay

    misslaylay Full Member

    Hi Claireboo22,
    Don't feel disheartened, I am fellow Londoner so you should be fine, I started on Thursday so I'm in the early days, and tbh, I feel okay!!! I'm just bored so the trick I feel is to keep busy and ignore smells! I'll continue to keep you updated, my starting weight is 16:11lbs and I'm 5:7. Good luck and continue persisting, we will get there because enough is enough!

  8. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    think of this as being the start of the rest of your life hun! You just need to get to the first weigh in, that's 7 days and you can distract yourself for that amount of time. Ketosis usually hits about day 4 to 5 and then you'll find it easier. Just stick to it 100% and the results will keep you motivated hun xx

    Current loss: 41lbs and 31.25 inches
  9. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    I went to join the local gym today! I've lost all confidence it sounds silly but felt to fat to join...but have to think of me and nobody else, I want to be confident again! I'm meeting her tomorrow it can't come quick enough! Thanks again :) glad you're doing so well! X
  10. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    1 step at a time hun. See how you get on with SS, exercise isn't recommended at this stage but is suitable on a higher plan. My losses are slower because I'm an exerciser xx

    Current loss: 41lbs and 31.25 inches
  11. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    I met my lovely cambridge weight plan counsellor today! She was fab I was there for almost 2 hours! I tried a chocolate velvet shake-yum! And I've ordered 28 products for the first week! I was a little worried to start on 3 having weighed in at 15 stone! How did everyone else start? What products would you recommend? I can't wait to start now just writing some reasons why etc :) and I officially start 28 July as it's my birthday this weekend! I'm signing up to the gym in September so I can build up to it :) hope everyone's doing well! X
  12. wannabesize12

    wannabesize12 Full Member

    Welcome Claireboo,

    This is my 3rd week and I would advice, just to try the products you fancy. I only have the porridges and soups, don't like the rest. But its a very personal taste. Have a lovely birthday and Good Luck for your journey.

    There are some great posts on here and brilliant advice, make sure you look at the before and after photos and stories - very inspirational.

  13. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    I've ordered quite a mix but a lot of the chocolate shakes as I am a chocoholic I'm nervous with the soups and things :-/ will see how I get on! :) I find it quite emotional
    Looking at the inspirational stories I can't wait to be a part of it!
  14. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    Hi I started yesterday. I got a mixture of shakes, soups and 1 porridge to try. So far so good ive liked all 3 I had yesterday on day 1.
  15. toria_vin

    toria_vin Member

    Hi Claire,

    I started (again after a 7 year break) last friday, my first weigh in tomorrow. i'm going to repeat the same advice, just drink, drink, drink. and keep telling yourself that it gets easier after the first few days.

    I'm a bit bizarre i think when it comes to dieting, to be able to loose weight i need to completely eliminate food from my life and really not give it the slightest thought so i really just have the tetra's and bars (roll on week 3). I can't stand many of the savory ones, however i did try the apple and cinnamon porridge and it was LOVELY - gonna get myself a few more tomorrow, but everyones taste it SO different. xx
  16. BlackBbwUk

    BlackBbwUk Full Member

    Hi Claire,

    I started Step 3 on 1st July this year, the aim is to lose enough to get my BMI down so i can continue CD on step 2.

    I don't like porridge or soup really, so i am just on shakes. I use my milk allowance to make my morning shake and i had some ice. So far, i like the powder chocolate velvet and the lactofree cappuccino.

    I'm well over 20st and worried about exercise etc, my local authority (in London) runs classes for people with BMI over 30, so maybe see if yours does that and you can start exercising with like people.

    Good luck, i'm finding it tough but plowing on.
  17. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    Hello everyone how are you doing?

    I started on Monday! I've allowed up to four products a day but I think it will be three soon as I struggled to finish one yesterday!

    I had a terrible headache yesterday but I think it's the shock as I drank 3.5 litres of water!

    Toria vin I look forward to trying it now :) I also have looked at it like an alcoholic removing all food from the equation! I can't just have one piece of chocolate! :p

    Blackbbwuk how are you finding using milk I've not yet as worried but I know the made up shakes are with milk. Has it made a difference to your goal as I'd like to have tea! I love using ice too :)

    I was walking all day yesterday my CDC said no proper exercise yet so just lots of walking. I will restart seeing my PT hopefully after I've lost a few stone and start the gym as she suggested just 30 mins at a time or it will become too hungry! I think it'll be easier when I'm used to the diet and smaller so it's easier to exercise :)

    What products is everyone enjoying? I love the chocolate one finding some a bit sweet but enjoyed the texture in the rice pudding! Will try a savoury soup today!

    My CDC is so supportive and I know if I didn't have her I would struggle and cheat!

    Finding it quite funny that a days worth of my cambridge calories was probably a breakfast before! ;-) getting so excited especially when people tell me it's a silly diet! I think to myself let's wait until Xmas!

    Hope you're all doing great!
  18. BlackBbwUk

    BlackBbwUk Full Member


    Glad to hear you have started, hope you prove the doubters wrong :p

    I enjoy having milk in my shakes but i think that i need to be stricter, so i will split my milk allowance in 2 and make up the rest with milk. I haven't tasted the shakes made with solely water but as i don't use milk for anything else, i think it's a good way to make sure i am drinking it.

    Even though i am not a coffee drinker, i really like the lactofree coffee one. I make it with milk, ice aswell and a shot of instant coffee and it almost taste like i'm treating myself to starbucks - minus the heavenly shortbread of course.

    Keep us updated on your progress :)
  19. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    Thanks I hope so! :) I'm struggling today I didn't realise I was having less than 600 calories a day! I hope next week feels better, weigh in is Monday so hopefully it's good and can make me more determined!

    I don't know if to add milk as it says on SS+ you can have milk or protein and veg which if I guess if I'm still struggling, I will try it next week.

    I am having 4 shakes/soups etc so it's not that I'm hungry just I guess the habit! I haven't gone into shops because I know I will go in and regret it! I had a corner of toast today! I ask myself why? It's not amazing or necessary! I'm sure my CDC will sort me out :)

    I don't like coffee but I totally unds! I'm a chocoholic and I know the reason why I'm okay without it is because of my homemade choc frappacino ;-)
  20. Claireboo22

    Claireboo22 Member

    Went to my first weigh in today and have lost 10lbs! So happy and excited for this week! Now I know what products I enjoy it should be better :)
  21. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Fantastic. Well done.x

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