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Gone crazy on cooking



Having a mid-life crisis
Yes, LOL! Big time! Since about week 2, I've been obsessed with baking cakes and cooking different things :)
yeah me too! i want to bake and make italian and chinese food! but i said i wont cook, not untill i finish these four weeks :p so i can do a lil tasting. oh, and everything will be lowfat,steamed n grilled!
Hah! I thought it was just me. I have bought a food processor, posh kitchen knives, (have just nearly sliced the top of my finger off) recipe books and am looking at almost every cookery programme going. My husband has never eaten so well, he can't believe his luck. God knows where it will lead me when I go back to eating. However I am determined to eat sensibly after all this effort.

Cheers, Pat.
Im am sooooooo with you on this 1 , before cooking was an annoyance and a chore but know i love it i jump at the chance even if someone wants a bloomin sandwich!!
my son loves it because he can take cakes and flapjacks etc to school in his lunch box, i have been buying cook books aswell ,
and another good thing is that the kids are not getting processed foods im takeing the time to cook healthily soo they are feeling the benifit 2 x


Eyes on the Prize!!
Me too!! I'm making better meals and much healthier too for my family. They have more than their 5 a day now!! I'm not exhausted when I come home and I look forward to cooking. I even enjoy the smells and then leave it all and have my chicken soup!!

Something I didn't dare dream was possible in week 1.

I'm so grateful for those that had been on it a while and gave reassurance that it would get better. Had I thought I'd always feel like I did on day 4 I don't think I would have got this far.


Having a mid-life crisis
lol Leela, thats what my husband says too ;)
I LOVE cooking! Totally obsessed and loving it! I'm looking at loads of cook books, watching loads of cooking shows and then trying stuff out! I even baked bread the other day! I'm loving the smells and haven't been tempted to try...although saying that when i made a simple steak with baby new potatoes and green beans and mushrooms with a creamy garlic and herb sauce i was slightly tempted. But i walked away and my hubby enjoye it. Mainly been cooking chinese food....something i've never tried cooking, and i'm finding it amazing. Anyway enough whittering lol. xx


Don't Worry Be Happy
i am not even going there, im not falling for this one as i feel it would never end and i will have to cook all the time, plus usually the one that cooks does the washing up, i ll give it a miss:)

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