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Gone upto 14 stone!


Oh how I feel today! I hopped onto the scales and bumer, I am at 14 stone, when I had got down into the 12's! I do start SSing back on Sunday, but my weakness is Mochas from out canteen downstairs! I have about three a day! So I am cutting down to one a day then to nothing. I have said I am cutting out carbs, but last night I had enchaladas, and tonight I am having a curry bot over veg rather than rice. I have stopped having sanwiches for lunch and I am having salad instead. I just hope I can cope this time doing it, coming up to xmas with parties and stuff, I hope I can be strong!
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Hi Janice.

Don't beat yourself up over your gain, it's happened and now you are doing something about it.
Have you tried the 790 (or whatever it is - sorry, this is day7 on SS for me!) or any of the other stages instead of SS?
Perhaps SS is too difficult for you at this moment in time and one of the other options will help you to get that out of your system?
Do you have to go to your Canteen? Is there anywhere else that you could have lunch, so that you can avoid the Mochas?
My down fall is savoury food of any kind!! So at the moment I am avoiding Tescos and local take-away places!!

Come on Hun, we can get through this!
I actually make the trip down there. I have not even started SSing yet, I get started this coming Sunday, and I have to say I can't wait!
I make a mocha out of a massive spoon of coffee, add 1/3 ofa choc tetra and boiling hot water!
Try doing that instead of buying them - cheaper too.
Good luck hun xxx
Come on, you know you can do this..
Were all here to spur you on, is mocha really worth it if it makes you miserable lol
x x x
It doesn't, but I need a treat a work this week as it is so hard. And cutting everything down! I need a little something. I am so looking forwards to my curry and veg tonight though!


I will get to goal .....
Mmmm curry ... I'm sooo jealous!!

Get those Mocha's out your life Mrs!!! You know what all the TV physchologists (sp?) say ... cut the rot from your life. I know you think that the mocha's are a treat, but think of all the extra calories they are making you consume each day. Why don't you try making a nice skimmed milk latte intead? Mug of warm milk + spoon of coffee. Or even better a low fat soya milk latte (yum yum). Soya milk is really low carb and low calories if you get the light version. Great way to cut down on calories and get you off those mochas.

Good luck - you are soo gonna be fine. Just take it one step at a time!
Well, good news I have lost 2lbs already since Monday, and the chicken curry over vegtables rather that rice was very very tasty! I had mushrooms, peppers, onions, corgettes and tomatoes. It did fill me up but I did spend all last night getting up to go for a tiddle! Only thing is I feel awful today, sore throat and cough, not sure if I got because of jumping out of a plane on Sunday or from the doctors on Monday, either way I would like to give it back please! So, 4 nights left of eating real food, then onto CD, so I guess this will be my Diary for it. Oh I do go out on Saturday for a meal at a greek restaurant, and if I just stick to garlic pitta with taramusalata, and no potatoes, or any other carbs then ssing on Sunday. I have a meeting with my CDC Sunday night, but I have a few packs left from last time to start on the Sunday. I can't wait to get my teeth into it, so to speak!

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