Good Afternoon Everyone...


Just thought i'd check in and see how everyone is.

I went out for a bit last night and i'm currently still in bed lol.
I can't be bothered to get up, to be fair i've only got to pack a suitcase today and don't need to leave my house until 7:30pm.

What's everyone else doing today? Tell me some of you are having lazy days too so i don't feel quite so useless hahah xxx
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Feeling lazy this morning myself:p

Husband is cooking Sunday dinner and it smells delicious.

Have to rush off now and help out:bolt:

Love Mini xxx


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I've had a very lazy day so far, got up about half 11, had some eggy bread and then ran a bath and used some lush stuff and soap and glory stuff i bought yesterday and now think i smell quite nice!! Have my xmas do tonight and have to drive over there this aft so am not planning on exerting too much energy in meantime. My original plan was: pilates class, shower, go to town and pick up some extra little bits, come home and get ready for xmas do. But i couldn't be assed tee hee!


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Iv'e just got back in after being out all day, first the cemetery then to all the family with cards and stuff, we normally go on xmas eve but working up to the afternoon that day and wev'e all not well so a couple more days and we probably won't feel up to it, going to have our tea then out again. Worn out already. xxx


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Well I was up at half 7:eek: - started the ironing and nearly finished it while watching Emmerdale (will do some more later).
Changed 2 beds, some tidying up and hoovering and then waited for eldest son to come home from Italy (he has been skiing) so washer is on again.:eek:
Hubby cooked a lovely Sunday dinner.
Making lists for the food shopping, last minute bits and pieces - forgot to sort out table presents - only need 4 any ideas)? Tomorrow I aim to be out shopping by 8am...ish.:p
Tonight I am going to enjoy a glass of wine and watch TV.:)
Only 4 more sleeps until Santa.;)


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Lazy day for me too - awake at about 7.30 but read in bed and OH brought me cups of tea so eventually got up at about 9.30. I did get dressed (briefly) but am now back in pjs! Not left the house at all today, and watched a film (Santa Claus 3) this afternoon. Also a bit more reading.
Just waiting for my lovely Sunday roast (beef) to be ready - OH making it all of course, the little treasure that he is, and I'm absolutely starving and it smells soooooo good - can't wait.
Day off tomorrow but I'm going into work to study, I'll get more peace there and won't be distracted by Jeremy Kyle!
Last WI before Christmas tomorrow night - fingers crossed for a good 'un.