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Good Day or Bad Day?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Awe Nina, just keep thinking, this day will be over soon. When you get home, have a nice long relaxing soak in the bath and an early night.
I'm off work sick at the moment, my throat is swollen and my head is banging. Struggling to eat my porridge at the moment, but despite feeling so poo, I am determined not to give in.
You know the worst thing is I have had at least four people telling me to just have a sweet and a glass of bubbly, one won't hurt etc etc god don't they bleet on!!

I know that if I had one sweet, it would give me the taste and I would be raiding the cupboard tonight, and what for? to satisfy someone else cause it certainly wouldn't make me happy.

Anyway apparently now I am a party pooper, why can't people jsut accept that I don't want to eat! they wouldn't try and get a smoker to smoke would they or an alcholic to drink!?!?


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ha. see my post of today of 'nobody can understand'...

my day so far is pretty good. could be better, could be worse.

i'm really starting to miss the act of eating. not the food itself. i could be eating incredibly healthily. i just really miss sitting down and eating with people :(

abz xx
See Abz I am not, I am enjoying the freedom of food not being the be all and end all of my life for a change. I have so much more time now for me and rather than planning my whole day around food I can focus on other things.

I just need everyone else to accept it!

My other half is being great, I must admit. he has some weight to loose so me not eating rubbish is helping him too.

I feel like telling them all to s*d off at work!


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i don't think i realised how many of my social occasions revolved around food. i sure as hell do now!! ha. i liked going out for dinner with OH etc. although we do do other things now, we go to the cinema instead, i would still like to be able to do that. can't wait to be moving up the plans!!

abz xx


always lurkin around!
oh poor u mrst well soon be time for u 2 go home... and y a party pooper just cos ya not eatin? bahh good 4 u for stickin 2 it xx


always lurkin around!
i know wat u mean abz our social life seems 2 revolve around food eatin out even goin 2 the pics popcorn .nacos.. bludy food cant get away from it!!!
nope... and i'm missing it :(

not long until christmas though. and i'm going to be sensible. but i'm going to enjoy every sensible morsel that i eat!!

abz xx
I think I am avoiding all social occasions at the moment!! I do know what you mean though and why is it when you start a diet then everyone seems to invite you out. I am becoming a hermit because of CAmbridge :8855:
because we can't go out to restaurants now all my friends come to my house... and then they all order PIZZA. it has helped to concrete my willpower however, ha.

abz xx

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