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Good Food suggestions

I thought it may be useful to hear what products/foods each of us have found to be tasty and acceptable on the diet. Knowing what's nice and under the 5% fat threshold could be helpful to each of us or maybe get us to try something new :)

I'm not a big fan of artifical sweetners, can taste them a mile off, and I'm a big fan of more natural foods. My initial offerings are

Rachel's low fat organic yoghurt - comes as Vanilla (nice on fruit salad), Raspberry, Rhubarb and Strawberry in 454g pots, or you can get a pack of 4 smaller ones. The Vanilla and Raspberry are both very nice. 86 calories in 100g and about 1-2% fat.

To drink I get fresh apple juice (Copella or that Organic one in a black carton) and then use half of that with half sparkling water. It's such a refreshing drink for the summer and is a little more tasty than water (although I love drinking water too!)

If you need to take sugar with cereal or hot drinks then check on Tait and Lyle's fruit sugar, or 'Frusiana'. It's much sweeter than normal sugar and much lower in GI, so you can use less and keep your GI down.

British strawberries are out now (Tescos and M&S have them at the moment, not sure on the other supermarkets), and they are v. nice (we've already gone through a couple of boxes!). From what I've read, strawberries are quite low in GI and they're actually quite filling. I used to love getting a fresh punnet off the market at lunch and sitting in the office with a bowl of washed fresh strawberries to eat for the afternoon!

Finally, if you love icecream like I do (Haagen Daas is... I mean was my downfall), then Carte D'or do a Vanilla Icecream Light which has about 3-4% fat and tastes quite creamy.

Hope those suggestions are of interest to someone. Would love to know anything else to maybe try :)
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anyone else tried the Tesco Healthy Options meals? Quite liking the Chicken and Broccoli Pie!
SARAH this is agr8 thread Ive been to tesco today as strawberrie are 2 for £3 so I got them as love strawbs yes there gr8 fo gi diet
i LIKE WW citrus yogs shoild reall y say that with doing rc oops!only 50 cals apot and the toffee and vanilla IVE GOT USED to havinghot drinks without sweetners.
I drink water ,diet drinks and asmall grapefruit or o/juice 4 b/fast.
I have the lighter cchoices now inicecream from morrisons got the lighter choices vanilla icecream 1/8 of atub is 65 cals and1.7% fat ,haven't tried it so will let you know what its like end of last year at group our leader brought insmooze ice to try they are quite nice
there frozen desserts and gave us vouchers with75p off still got it valid till june must remember to take it when go shopping next! there fruit flavoured

Lindam <do like the tesco healthy options havent tryed the pies yet!
will have to check out the fat content ?
Lindam - it sounded good until you said Brocolli ;) To be honest I don't tend to look through the ready meals. We picked up a Sainsburys Cottage Pie once as that was permitted on the diet, but I wasn't very impressed with it. We also tried a low fat bolognaise bake and that was pretty dire, I could do better and with just as little fat myself!

wilyn - I'm sure WW food is mentioned in one of the RC books for desserts or meals. Can't think where/which, and could be wrong, but no I don't think it's a problem! The insmooze ice sounds interesting. What are they, ice lollies or icecream?
If anyone has a Lidl near them, they have a low fat range called Linessa, and one of their products are frozen yoghurt. I love the strawberry one ( has chocolate flakes on top), they're 161 calories each and 3% fat. If you allow them to defrost a bit ( for about 5minutes), they taste like whipped ice cream :D

On a savoury note, I made the tuna steak with stir fry last night ( one of the meals on the menu plan in fat attack fortnight), and it was delicious :D
Mmm I like frozen yoghurt. The stir fry sounds good too. Maybe along with individual food suggestions we should also post up which meals (either out of the book or our own recipes) taste good too?
SARAH; THERE abit like ice lollies there pyramid shaped
alibalibee have tryed some things in the linessa range,like yoghurts aerosolcream quite a big range isnt it not tryed the froz yog yet ,thanks for that when in next will get some
sarah good idea about recipes
Just thought I'd add a few new foods to this post.

Alpen do a light cereal bar in a few flavours. 85 cals per bar. Personally I like the chocolate and fudge one.

M&S have their count me in range. For a nice low cal, low fat dessert the Lemon or Chocolate mousses are good. Tried the chocolate for the first time yesterday and you'd swear it wasn't low fat it was so creamy and did taste like rich belgian chocolate! Low fat and just 85 cals per pot. They also do another favourite which is raspberries in jelly, which is very low fat and just 65 cals per pot.

All good for a low fat treat on phase 2 :)
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This is a great thread Sarah; will have a think and add when i've more time.

There is a Lidl in the town I work in too so may pop in there and have a look at the Linessa stuff!!

Good work :D :patback: :happy096:
I have a real sweet tooth so to be honest i make sure i have iced gems (100 cals) in the house ( hidden away from my children's eyes) and pink n whites which are only 50 cals each. Shape yoghurts from danone (65 cals) do what they say on the label and keep you fuller for longer and I drink sparkling water as it seems more exciting than just plain water.
There is a great little recipe in this months rc mag for chibatta with prawns and extra light mayo and a little lemon juice. they are wonderfull and i think if you are on phase 1 you can have 2! yummy!
I love prawns. We often have a bag of cooked tiger prawns, some egg noodles, salad and a bit of sweet chilli sauce, perfect for a light dinner :)

New snack to add to the list. Skinny Cow chocolate icecreams (on a stick). 85 calories and got to say they taste pretty okay, and that's coming from an icecream conniseur!
thought i'd just add shop bought ready to cook stir frys - especially good if you've over eaten and are still hungry really low in calories and lots of food

think i'll be having that tonight :break_diet:
Whats NOT good is Asda korma curry sauce less than 5% fat, had one last night and it was disgusting. Sorry! Usualy make my own from spices and its so much nicer. Thought this was lacking in taste, watery and missing the silky rich texture you get wtih a korma.

Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you guys, just my opinion.

By the way, brilliant thread.
If you are looking for a dressing for tuna salads or pasta salads etc I used a pear yogurt the other day when I made a tuna salad to bind all the ingredients together, and its was fantastic. You wouldn't have known it wasn't mayo light and as the salad had apples in already, the extra fruity flavour worked brilliantly. Just thought I would share it with you.

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