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Good FRIDAY Hour X Hour

Morning. Looks to be another nice day down here. I had the day set aside for a nice motorbike ride, but my girl is in peices all over the garage floor. Damn.

Well, will have to find something else to entertain me today! lol

Hope you all have a good day- and Katie have fun at your CBT-part two!

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Morning all, very windy here today. I have been up for ages. Feeling alittle lost today, my flatmate has gone off for the weekend and I am wondering what I am going to do to keep me busy today. I may have to start the jigsaw I bought last week.
It looks beautiful out today, the sky is blue and clear with not a cloud in sight....then I went outside to put the bins out only to discover a gale force freezing cold wind (Brrrrr) - and the flipping bin men had been really early, so I have an almost full bin, and a full glass/bottle bin, and that wont get emptied until next month - I feel a few trips to the recycling bin at Morrisons coming up.


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morning everyone,
Off to see my brother and his family today so won't be on til later. I hope everyone has a great good friday :D Flipping windy out there but could be a lot worse so looking forward to my day out :)


constantly confused
'good' Friday? Lies, all lies!

I've got 2 weeks off work....except today!

I've stupidly made an appointment for the exact same time I finish work, so I have to ring and say I'm running late and can I make it an hour later instead.

Feel stroppy and annoyed, really emotional the last few days adn I don't know why.

WI day tomorrow, if I havent done well I will cry like a baby :rolleyes:
Aw, sorry you are feeling down TG. :( I hate days like that. The weeks over now, and you have a couple off, so hopefully that will cheer you. :) Things will look brighter in the morning, but if we can help between now and then, just say so!!

Sending you good,happy vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:

Hope you fee brighter soon TG. :) <hugs>

Morning All,

Sunny but very windy here to including me:D

The meeting went well last night and we have all moved on, although we have heard that they MAY let us stand on the new committee:rotflmao::rotflmao: thats good of them ah. They are holding a EGM to reform a new committee and we are all going on mass to sit and stare at them:D, epecially thoses who we know instigated this and told absolute lies about us. We are going to hold our own show and we have a very sneaky trick up our sleeve which if we pull it off will be one in the eye for them, let you know if we do but too boring if we dont succeed;)

Been good with my water today seem to be getting into a routine, fingers crossed - I soooooo want do this.

Hope you all have a lovely day and Tange cheer up, I remember I used to get really miserable early on in the diet and used to wonder why when I was losing so much weight. You are having to cope with all your emotions on your own now without the crutch of food and it isnt easy but you will get there.

Sad about the bike BL, and anyone who is bored can come up here and help me muck out.;)


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Morning all, well I'm having a super morning. Offically I'm working from home, but I had a spare 1/2 hour so been packing my bag for my weekend back at parents house. While I was doing it I was having a bit of a wardrobe clear out and I can now fit into ALL of my size 14 jeans, loads of lovely GAP jeans can now be added to Kate's collection! I'm so pleased, can hardly believe I started the new year as a miserbale size 20, I'm determind that for the June I'm going to be a size 12 and fab!!
Hope everyone has a lovely Easter, and stay away from those eggs, we're all doing fantatically!!
Bleurk - 22 hours since I last ate, and the carb withdrawal headaches are kicking in now, and I'm starting to feel a bit sick.
Oooh, Lady, if you weren't so far away I would be there in a heartbeat to help you muck out!! When I was a kid I used to love cleaning the horses and their stalls. I could brush a horse all day!!! Maybe one day I will come help you if you'd let me!! :D x


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Absolutely glorious day here in sunny Bournemouth, albeit a bit windy.

Just met friends for coffee and a catch up in town.

Im in my last week of abstinence now and been putting off doing a certain something since I started.

Part of my motivation for starting LL was a wardrobe clear out.

I removed probably about 20 odd pairs of jeans that I couldnt even do up and relegated them to bin bags in the spare room. My 38" waist was thoroughly depressing me!

I've carried on wearing these 38's with a belt, pretending I hadnt noticed that I kept notching up one further belt hole and they were bunching at the back a bit.

So I've just plucked up the courage and raided the bin bags. I'm now beaming as I sit here in my 34" waist favourite old pair of jeans, and there's room to spare!!!! I cant believe it :)

Its like having a whole new wardrobe all over again!!

I too have just raided Primark in town (dont you just LOVE that place!!), and invested in some new 16" collar shirts for work. The 17.5" ones I had been wearing were looking a little ridiculous, so I decided to finally bite the bullet and get some more.

Guys dont really think much about their hips (well I dont think I do anyway) but im rather pleased with my 4" off my waist!

Im off out clubbing tonight to celebrate :cool:
Petey!! Hooray!! Thats fantastic!! I felt just the eame - when I took down boxes of clothes form the loft that I had not worn in YEARS - and some ever - they still had the tags on, I did feel like I had a new wardrobe! Wonderful!!

Keep rockin it!!


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i have just done some cleaning up and am about to get into my bedroom to clean out old clothes and see if some of my oldies fit.
Think I may watch a movie first.
Sounds like the same kind of day I am having Tange!

I was going to go out on my motorbike today, but it blew a valve last night.

So then I was going to get out a canvas, and do a painting, but I have no kitchen roll which is essential, and can;t be arsed to go to the store.

Thought I might garden a bit, then it began to rain.

So....its a duvet day for me, and some films as well.

have fun!!



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Hey BL
I just remembered a friend gave me some canvas and acrylic for Christmas mmmm maybe I should give that a go. Saying that you also need to know I am not artistic at all but so what it could be fun to just play with some colour.

I am hoping it will snow here I love the snow. Then I am definitely going to wrap up and go for a walk.

I am also becoming very good at chatting on here and watching a movie at the same time hehe


constantly confused
Bleurk - 22 hours since I last ate, and the carb withdrawal headaches are kicking in now, and I'm starting to feel a bit sick.
Aww hun, be strong. Easter weekend though, what a time to start! :eek:

You'll be fine, you've got some biiiiiiig losses to look forward to! :D

I have found the cause of my black mood for the last few days. My monthly friend has arrived :rolleyes:
Primark has done well out of us! I went this morning, spent £100, and got LOADS! 3 big bags full of stuff! Well, that's all my holiday clothes sorted, can't wait!!!:D

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