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Good god ...how do you lot do it ?

I have so got to take them off !!!
Me and daughter went shopping last week and we went to get some bras for me because she says that she is fed up with my saggy looking boobs in my knackered bras :eek::eek:
They may be knackered but they are comfy and they are mine , I like my boobies sagging .
So she chose me these 2 underwired bras and OMG the hell and pain i am going through !!, how the hell do you wear them ?-
they dig in under my boobs when i sit down and they are so uncomfortable :(
Other daughter said they give my body a 'figure ' MMMMM thanxs daughter !!!

Its just that they hurt and I just wanna wear my saggy booby bra's Is that too much to ask ...??
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I am 100% with you on this one, I bought two under wired bras for the first time ever a couple months back and they HURT! So I just adjusted them slightly and made it comfortable, granted my boobs might be a bit lower than one would like, but I'm not willing to kill my self to have perky boobs - even at my age!!!

Move the straps about hun and see if it helps :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I hate underwired bras with a passion and think that they were invented by men!...same with tights!
I dont own a single one and dont think I ever will due to the discomfort, even after being measured properly!
they fit real good , but I think the problem is - Im so used to just siting and ''squashing'' my self down IYKWIM- slouching is it?
and the wire just dig into my roll of flab under my boobs .
If I sit up -like Im supposed to then they dont hurt, but I have always slouched....cant change a leapord of his spots can ya ??!!!!!


soon to be skinny minnie
My mum hates underwired bras, she never buys them, though that is all i know, i've never not had an underwired one, i prob couldn't go for a non underwired one now lol x


Slow but sure....
Ugh!!!! No I can't be doing with under wired bra's - the wire's dig in so much it's like torture, so I stick to bra's that have no wire's, ahh!!! bliss, LOL...
Make a little hole in the seam where the wire is and pull it out. I did this and it didn't make any difference to the shape etc but it was a hell of lot more comfortable. You have got to be comfortable when you slouch and relax or life isn't worth living girl!
I wear underwidered bras have done for many years (36gg) but they dont hurt try going and getting fitted properly in bravisimo dont bother with debanams or marks they are rubbish for measuring, last measured me as a 42E and i'm not a 42 or a E. I dont even think i can get unwired ones in my size.

If they are uncomfortable then they are the wrong size, they are meant sit comfortably against you underneath and against your breast bone in the middle.

If in doubt go to bravisimo they are fab
Well as a 34 G I cant buy non underwired bras, as Sallyannie said Bravissimo is a great place to go to get ones that actually fit!

My mum cant wear underwired and moans whenever she does, but its just natural to me now, either that or huge saggy areas!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I won't wear anything else ! If they fit properly then they should not be a problem! If they dig in then they are the wrong size! I f you get fitted properly then they make you look smaller. Google measuring bras! When you get the right size you look completely different!


I will succeed!!!
Some people don't like wired bras and others find them ok. If they are not fitted well, they'll hurt. But I also think that some people just find them painful! Did you get it measured and fitted or buy your normal size?

I wear wired bras and find them comfy - unless they are strapless, they DO hurt cause they have more elastic stuff to compensate for the non-straps. Ouch.

At the end of the day, it's your choice. Do what makes you feel better. But next time yours in a M&S or the like, have one fitted and see how it feels :) x
Great comments girls ,thanxs-
I jsut went into evans and went through the bras till i found one that fitted - Ive watched no end of ''proper fitting bra'' videos ,so have an idea what they should look and feel like and they fit ok , Its just this sitting down business, otherwise they are good and i dont really notice them.
And as for going into bravissimo ... no,no,no- the girls in our local one are also itsy bitsy teeny weeny size 8- and they just look at you and say ....evans is around the corner luv !!.
I have heard a lot of people say that the staff in the shop come over to you and tell you that they havent got anything in your size - and thats before you even start looking ,they are not nice at all
so I wouldn't even bother going in there.
I will just have to get on with it !!.
Feel like i got 2 big wobbly jellies on a plate up round me earoles LOL
If your generously boobed, try please try Bravissimo - they're amazing. (which is your local store ? I know the MD so could dob them in !!! lol ... serve them right, evil cows)

That said, after wearing very soft and comfy maternity and feeding bras for 2 years, I went in to get some underwires ready for going back to work. The lady looked at me as she was about to do the back up and said "are you ready for this?" and it felt so tight! But within a week I was used to them again and they are comfy too.

I still haven't got used to high heels after a year and a bit of nothing but trainers though ...

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