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Good luck Scary_Cat_Lady!


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I am posting this thread to wish Scary_Cat_Lady good luck on her first day on LT!

I know that she will be going in for her very first consultation today and kicking off the LT train before work.

Cat, you will be fine. Just remember to drink loads of water and have those hot drinks to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

Hope everything goes well at the pharmacy! xxx
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on the up lol
Good luck hun,
im sure u will do great :party0011::party0011::party0011:


Gonna be slim again
Good luck love! ;-)
Woop woop!! Happiness on the way! :d
Good luck hun, hope it all went well and you are ready to start the ball rolling.



Getting fat since 1980
thanks everyone :wavey:... i had a great first day :D.
So far i don't feel even a little bit hungry. going to have one more bottle of water then get an early night :nightf: (if World of Warcraft doesn't tempt me).
For those that are interested in these kind of things; I chose 10x Choc, 10x Vanilla and a strawberry (you never know, i might be one of the weird ones - lol :giggle:)
Strawberry was the only one I had at the start - till I was brave enough to try the vanilla and choc, now I alternate. Hated the soup though! I also like the peanut flapjacks so maybe it's me who is weird!

Glad to hear today went well. You have Medea to help and encourage you through the first week - and us of course! Good luck.



on the up lol
(if World of Warcraft doesn't tempt me).

lol i thought i was the only big kid with games, what else u play ?


is loving the soup?!
I am a WoWer as well : )
What's of world of warcraft?


is loving the soup?!
It's an online computer game x
ok then, I may check it out one day!


is loving the soup?!
wow you have loads! I only have a 56 mage, on a US server...DH is the main gamer in our house but I sneak on when I have the chance...explains why it's taken me so long. Getting a second computer and account for Christmas so we can play together : )


on the up lol
i will stick with my unreal tournament 2004 and call of duty 4 :p luv em
never played wow yet :eek:

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