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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jenny!!!!
A whole thread for me!! Thankyou so much!!!!

Dont worry im still guna be lurking around here - this site is like a 2nd home haha im always on it :giggle:

You dont have long left either Chick, it will be here before you know it! :)

All the support and advice i have recieved ive just passed on :)

Cant believe i have just 4 more shakes till first meal!
2 weeks refeed then i am binning the shaker!!! :giggle:

Thankyou again sweetie :) Keep up what youre doing your doing fabulous :D xxxx
ur welcome hun :)

i wana eat 2moro 2.lol. what u gona have?

glad ur still gona be around hun.

cant wait to bin the shaker 2. lol

best of luck (not that u need it)

x x


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First meal is same as last time i refed ... baked chicken with lemon juice and cooked mixed veg :) :drool:

Im following my last refeed plan all bar a coupld of changes and so hopefully will still lose something the following week!

Hey, only 1 more sleep till our weigh ins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party0019: i love sunday nights! x-factor results, bed then weigh in! haha how sad?!! :giggle:


Otherwise known as Jools
Good luck Tanya - I am sure that with your determination you will have a successful refeed and an enjoyable healthy attitude towards food from now on :D xx
lol im the same, x factor, nice hot bath then go bed excited about wi. hoping for 3lbs 2moro.

ur chicken sounds yummy, i love chicken!
doing my refeed menu this week so will be looking at all the menus for ideas.

bet ur so excited.

x x


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Ah thanks determined :) x

Excited ... hmmm im more excited about going to the supermarket and actually buying and cooking the food for myself rather than eating it lol And im very excited about what i have in store the weekend .. cant wait!:) x
Good Luck Tanya you really are the queen of this forum so really good luck with your refeed. i know you will do fabulous.


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Best of luck Tanya, I have no doubt you will have a successful refeed and I can just imagine how glorious it must be to be looking forward to that first meal in so long, you deserve it hon x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Tanya, you will be a star on refeed as you have been on tfr. You deserve your success as you have worked so hard at it. Enjoy yur baked chicken, yum!!!

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