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Thanks Donnie

I put on 2lb today. And things are only going to get worse!!!!!
It is my birthday tomorrow and I am off to New York next week--- can feel a bit of a dip in the weight loss coming on!

Good luck everyone else!
Happy Birthday for tomorrow Cocktail Princess!

I am now joining the Tues weighers as my classed has moved! I'll update later but it's star week so not expecting much!
Tonight is my first WI after I started taking Green Tea tablets to try and boost my metabolism (I have an underactive thyroid). Normally my loss is only 1/2 to 1lb a week so I am hoping to have a bit of a higher loss this week if what I've read is true!!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I lost 1/2lb and that was cos of all the exercise I did this week! I was really bad over the weekend! Ah well back on the straight and narrow!
-0.5lb for me. Star week so I'm fine with it! Off to Italy for 5 days and hoping to stay on plan as best as I can (apart from my daily gelato allowance!) for another loss next week!
I put on 1/2lb - pretty happy with that, last weekend ate like a horse and drunk like a fish at my friends hen weekend, and last week i was ill.
Roll on the week ahead!!! :D x


A moaning old boot!!!!
I maintained this week................but I was VERY naughty this week :) :) Never mind, I get 2 weeks to ensure a good loss now and to get my 3.5stone award as I go away for a couple of days next week. x x x
Yay! Well done to everyone who has lost. I lost a pound this week, which quite frankley I am amazed at, because I went on hol to egypt last week, and ate everything that was there. I did not stick to SW at ALL! So yeah...Im pleased witht that! xx

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