Good Morning Bones!


Not dieting ATM!
Silly really but been feeling happy all day. Got a lie in this morning as kids off school now. Hubbie woke me with "Good morning Bones!" when he got up for work. It's been replaying in my head all day and making me feel really good (but a bit silly too!) My son who is very tall for his age also mentioned this morning that everyone at school calls him shortie he seemed quite chuffed with that too.

What names do you/would you like to be called to make you feel good?

Funny how a throw away remark can change your day.

Dizzy x
time for a big snog tonight !!!!
Hi Sophie

That was when I got to goal but pre-exercise.

I'm a gym addict now and it's more like good morning muscles!:D

Good Luck!

Dizzy x
kev sometimes calls me "mi chica" which is a bit naff but i really like it. makes me smile when he says it. god...did i just say this all out loud? lol