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Good Morning SlimFasters

I love the fact that you can snack too! It makes it that little bit easier knowing that you can have something between meals if you need it!

I'm on day 2 today aswell, and still feeling positive after a minor wobble this morning. I had the sf mango and peach smoothie and it was vile. I forced it down and then thought i might throw up! I contemplated going and making some hot buttered toast with loads of peanut butter - but i resisted! How chuffed am i?!! :)
Thats really good :) Iv not seen any of the smoothies yet, tho i think i'l have a trip to asda to try and find them, im just on plain old vanilla shakes. Iv just had a caramel bar tho and that was gorgeous.
I love the smoothies. As they are always on half price at boots if you are health club member I tend to have them most of the time.



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Hi Slimfasters,
Just a quick note to say everything is on 3 for 2 in superdrug. I'm on day 3, feeling great. Good luck to you all.

Mels x
At Tesco, Shakes are half price, about 85p each, and a tub of powder that you mix with skimmed milk is down to £3 and a few pence.
Morning :) My first post! I found this brilliant site a couple of days ago and have spent ages reading everyones stories! The before and after slide show is so inspiring!!
I started slim fast this morning after spending years hating the way I look, i'm determined to do something about it! Nearly had a heart attack when I stood on the scales this morning (first time in years that I have)..... anyway that, and this site has given me the kick I needed :D
Hi Hannah, good luck with your diet :) This site is great, it seems so much easier when you know there are people out there going through exactly the same thing as you.
Hi and thanks :) It does help knowing i'm not the only one! So far today everything has gone well and i'm not hungry!


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Hi hannah, good luck and keep posting it helps x
Hi ugg :) I think this forum is going to help a lot! But I spoke too soon earlier, i'm hungry, drinking water and hopefully that will fill me up :)
Hi Hannah how are you doing today? and how is everyone doing? I'm amazed, I'm on day 4 and when I went on my Wii Fit last night to do some exercise it told me that I had lost 4lbs since Monday! Now i kno this is meant to be mostly water but i'm still chuffed :D
Hi Everyone

Day 1 so far so good. Love this site it really helps to know there are like minded people. I have a vision in my mind of how I want to look ( okay might need hair extensions etc lol) but seriously knowing I can just jump on this site and have a chat about the D work really helps.

Hi everyone :) I'm doing well today, not really thinking about food to be honest! I doubt that will last long though lol

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