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Good Morning Slimming World Friends...


Slow but sure....
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It's a nasty wet day here in Norfolk and quite cool with it too.

I hope all you poorlies are feeling better today, take care, and get plenty of rest.

My hubby started sneezing last night so I am hoping he is'nt coming down with a cold or flu!!! - I always catch it and get it twice as bad as he does, we shall see......

My Asda order is due anytime and it is full of SW goodies, as I am planning to cook 3 SW recipes this week so I have my ingredients for those coming too.

Once my children had flown the nest I got out of the habit of cooking from recipes, it just didn't seem worth the effort for hubby and me, but, I am looking forward to getting back into the 'recipe mode' again - so something else for me to thank SW for.

I am doing another GREEN day today.

So, I had eggs for Brekkie, and it will be Cottage cheese for Lunch, and a tin of Stagg Chilli (4 syns)with extra red kidney beans and a Jacket potato with a HEXA of cheese, and a side salad for Dinner tonight.

What are you having today?

Well time for another cup of coffee and then I will attack my lounge with the hoover etc, when I have put my Asda shopping away of course.

Have a wonderful day everyone, take care. X
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It's wet here too today. Im stuck in the office alone as my line manager is off sick today :(

Im on a red day today, had wheatabix for breakfast, chicken sandwich for lunch and prawn stir fry for dinner tonight.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday xx
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Good morning,
Its also very wet here in essex, but not cold or chilly. mm strange...lol
I dont cook often, still at home with mum so she does it but last night i was in the cooking mood and baked some syn free muffins (taste fab hot - not too keen on them cold) and some syn free quiche with bacon and hex of cheese. Tonight i think i will do the loaded american hashbrowns with out the cheese.
hope you have a lovely day.
Tracy xx
S: 27st1lb C: 27st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 59.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hi sarah-jayne,
sorry to hear you are stuck on your own today. thats how i was on friday neither of my directors came in which left me running the company. nightmare!
have a good day.
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Very good morning to you all!

It is very wet here too, come back sun! I really see the difference in my mood when the weather is gloomy.

For breakfast today I had a chopped banana and chopped apple with a banana and custard muller light over it, was yummy! I haven't decided what I am having for the rest of the day yet!

I am in a very contemplative mood today, thinking about what was, what is and what will be. Since becoming very overweight I kind of stopped seeing friends and stopped working too and am now slowly getting my act back together. I'm going back to college in September which is both exciting and nerve wracking and today have been looking over the net at what I have achieved as a vocalist and writer and realised I miss it alot! I realised I hadn't updated my myspace page in two years so have given it a small spruce up. I think I will contact my publisher and get them to find me some more vocal work again! Just worried about being fat and seeing people, hmmm.

Anyway, enough rambling lol, I hope you all have a fantastic and productive day!


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Good Morning Donnie - it is wet here in Chehire too - oh well yesterday was nice I suppose that will have to do me!

I am having a red day today:

Weetabix & fruit this morning
Scan bran & cottage cheese at lunchtime
Loads of muller lights
couple of Alpen lights later
Sainsbury's sausages, veg & red onion gravy from the saucy secrets book (my favourite recipe & so quick to make) for tea.

mmmmmm - can't wait, I put my sausages in the oven to bake, make te gravy in a big frying pan & then put the sausages in the gravy while the veg is doing & the sausages suck up the gravy - delicious


Slow but sure....
S: 22st0lb C: 19st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 55.1 Loss: 2st7lb(11.36%)
Sounds great Julie, will meatfree sausages be alright cooked like that I wonder?


Full Member
I've had:
B: 2 Alpen light bars,
L: Ham sandwich
D: Turkey steak,veg, SW chips and a cheesey garlic sauce.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Hi all...we have rain here in Hamsphire too...dont want it as we are having a drive put down!
Im here at work...just did my penance at the gym with my boss and slowly making my way through lunch!
Had bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast with tomato sauce, left over bolognase sauce with syn free veg for lunch with mullerlite yoghurt and fruit salad...for tea a Quorn cottage pie and veg for me!! Cant wait!

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