Good news and bad news....


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Hi everyone,

Good news - lost 10lbs in first week.

Bad news - house got burgled on Sunday night and tons taken, so absolutely gutted.

Come off diet yesterday - too much going on and I just picked all day long...cakes crisps bread (why so we always crave carbs in a crisis?)!

Back on it today with a vengence. You have to rise above these horrible people.

Grr still angry thou.

Not had a chance to read all posts - my laptop taken and Im on our very old slow computer, but will catch up soon, and see where everyones up to!

Cheers, Dizzy
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oh babe sorry to hear that theres some nasty people out there but try not to let the *******s get you down
congrats on the weight loss hun and dnt worry about the carbs hun if that was me i woulda hit the bottle and allsorts
xxxtake care xxx

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A house break in is awful you keep on looking at everybody and think was it you? The thought of some low life touching all your things is sickening. I can understand that you craved carbs. I'm sure the food was in your mouth before you even thought I SHOULD NOT BE EATING THIS. 10lbs down was fantastic keep up the good work


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:hug99:Ah Dizzy so sorry to hear that.

10lbs is amazing though, glad you have found the strength to get back on the diet x


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Hi Dizzy - what an awful thing to happen ((hug)) x

BIG well done on your 10lb weight loss - that is fab and don't worry about one little day's worth of carbs, you're back on it now and I'm sure you'll do just great during week 2. Chin up hun, you're doing great all things considered x


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Awwww :( Sorry to hear about that gutted for you xxx

Great loss though - well done !


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AWwww...yay hay and humph:( that is great and sucks!!! You know in which order.
10lbs is fab.


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10lb?? thats wicked, well done!!! Grrr...god damn scum bags, makes me sick..just the thought of bein broken into scares the poop outa me..not nice :(


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Thanks for all your kind words, means a lot.

I see it as just a slight hiccup in my wieght loss, loving the diet and love this diet, its just so supportive,
Thanks everyone, Dizzy


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ohh, what a way to knock ya back down after a good result huh?

so sorry to hear about your burglary.. know how you feel as we were robbed a few months back.. wish I could get my hands on the scumbags that did it! :mad: didnt get anything back, nor was anyone caught for it...

anyway... good luck and hope you have a good result next weigh in to make you smile x