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Good news day


Rebel without a calorie
Several things have happened on here today and I for one feel there has been way too much doom and gloom.
For those of you who were around over the last hour there was a particulary unpleasant post from a journalist which I hope not too many of you read and fortunately was removed.
Therefore I am declaring that tomorrow is good news day. Lets all post the positive things, both from our success and diet experience and also from our lives :)
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My hens laid their first egg today. :)

And I bought a pair of size 8 jeans from Matalan..... :eek: (their sizes are cut large though!)


reaching my goal
Hi diet kitty , well today i went to the collage to do my gcse maths and english which im excited about and another good thing about today is someone came up to me and said how good i looked and they could tell that i had lost weight xx
Well today is tomorrow and all is good. New kitchen being fitted, new fish tank being installed and most all I am feeling good about myself no matter what.


Rebel without a calorie
Yay, this is more like it happy people :) Ooh how lovely Yam, fresh eggs, bet they have more flavour than the supermarket ones. And brilliant Rose, it's lovely when someone notices. A nice new interest for you there Mark!
As for me, before this diet I would look at myself sideways in the mirror, pull my stomach in with both hands and say that's how I want to look. This morning I caught sight of myself side on and only needed a slight suck in of breath and no hands!
Also my new travel straighteners have arrived ready for my holiday - it's a small thing but I'm easily pleased lol.
Tomorrow is dress down day at work so I'm going in wearing my skinny jeans and new t-shirt. No baggy sack for me this time :)
Good news for me today is that i no longer have the damned sickness bug yay

I just had my first shake of the day and kept it down so its good news lol
Not sure if this is good news or not but I thought I'd share cos it might make some of you giggle.....

I'm a bit stressed out at the moment for various reasons so this morning I went into the garden and picked some salad leaves to have with my lunch, washed them, added them to some other veg from the fridge and threw a tin of tuna on top. So there I am in the office now with a huge plateful of yummy healthy salad in front of me, just started to dig in, and a tiny little critter :jelous: wiggled its way right across the top of it all! :eek: Caught it and removed it but seem to have suddenly lost my appetite :eek: so I think it's going in the bin and luckily I've got a spare bar in my desk drawer.......... note to self: wash lettuce more carefully in future! :D

On the good news front my OH has had his op this morning, is groggy and in pain but OK enough to ring me so fingers crossed..........:)


Rebel without a calorie
Ha ha that did make me giggle! Reminded me of a romatic walk I took as a teenager with my first boyfirend. He picked a juicy apple from a tree and handed it to me. I took a bite and started munching but thought the flavour was a bit odd, only to find half a maggot sticking out! Kinda killed the romance of it all lol.

Glad your OH has had his op and hopefully he'll be on the mend quickly. I think you've coped with the stress really well :)


reaching my goal
well done claireabelle its lovely when you start seeing the changes in your clothes keep it up hun x
wohoo glad everyone is doing so well and having some good days! Im on day 5 now and its going great, no shopping, no dishes, no deciding what to have for tea, i love it!


Grumpy Old Git
It's always good news that I woke up!! That for me is a perfect start to the day.....:D


reaching my goal
well done , i went into town today took the kids to the libary , shopping etc by the time i come home it was about 4 and i only had a bar this morning at 8 am i wasnt even hungry i had to force a shake down to make sure i have all my meals plus its aam week and i oly managed 3 meals today . Im feeling on top of the world and im starting to look good to .

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