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  1. Just Do It

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    Hi there everyone.
    I just want to show light at the end of the tunnel for everyone out there who has suffered from being a classic pear shape.

    Ever since my teens I have had thighs like the village oak tree, and my backside has been the sort you could balance tea cups on. At the beginning of the year I could have set a whole meal for six on it. Huge.

    My sister told me at the age of 18 I would never have nice legs. I started a post back in May about my legs being like pigs trotters.

    Well here is the good news, my thighs and bottom are actually slim now!! Really normal. OK so I wouldn't wear a bikini to go to ASDA, but in a pair of jeans I look like the sort of person I NEVER thought I would. I didn't think it was possible for thighs to change like they have.

    I saw my friends last night for the first time since starting this diet and they said they had never seen my legs looking like this.

    So this diet must have done something good for them.

    Have faith all of you who, like me have thought the weight would never come off the bottom half. And it happens so suddenly, and quite near the end. My thighs have lost an inch just in the last week.


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  3. Sambucca

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    wow. really pleased for you Claire. Must feel great to finally have the shape you want. COngratulations
  4. iceycold

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    well done Claire, congratulations
    someone at one of our groups had the theory that the weight starts coming off from the top down,
    neck first, then bust, then waist etc.
    we are all still waiting for it to come off our hips.!
  5. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    I have read (with my addiction to glossy mags I suspect in one of those) that as everyone tends to have areas where fat goes first (for pear shaped women it's all too often hips and thighs) and that's also where you lose weight last. Not sure if there's any scientific evidence to back this up but it certainly sounds logical!
  6. Miss_Bettany

    Miss_Bettany Full Member

    There's hope yet then!! Thankyou!
  7. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Awww what a lovely post!!! Well done you, i'm delighted for you!!! This diet works miracles eh?? It did for me too, never ever ever thought i'd be wearing size 10 jeans!
  8. SandraEG

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    Good for you. Not sure there is any real hope for my thighs though! I was looking at them the other morning and they are already looking ravaged by the weight loss. I'm slathering on firming creams and doing exercise fairly regularly but I think I have to accept that my thighs have always been big and the skin has probably been strteched to its limit. I can see they will get smaller but they will be saggy...
    Still - I'd rather be saggy than almost 20 stone...

    I think the other areas of my body will adjust though.
  9. Summerskye

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    Claire, that's a great post - and so true how even the pearest shaped of us can slim down if we work hard enough :)

    Sandra, you'd be surprised how this diet can work wonders ... even on the saggiest of bums and the flabbiest of thighs! My derriere measured 58" before I started CD :eek: and I was in size 24/26 trousers. After getting to target they're now 38" and I'm a comfortable size 12 (size 10 in skirts as my waist is about 27" from a starting size of 38"), and my thighs went from 30" to 21".

    So OK, they're a bit on the flabby side but no-one sees that when you're wearing your tight jeans ;)
  10. Musical Missy

    Musical Missy Full Member

    I'm glad some of you think we lose weight from the top down - this makes me feels much better! The first place I apparently lost weight from was my face/neck, then someone (my mother!) commented on my shoulders looking smaller, then someone else mentioned smaller boobs (please please please keep getting smaller she prays!) and today someone said I've suddenly got a waist!
    I'm just dying for smaller thighs (and arse and calves would be good) though and so far they ain't that much different!

    MM x
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