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Good news for me (hit the 10 stone loss), not so good for my wife!

Well I have done it, I have lost 10 Stone 1lb in 5 months exactly (22 weeks). i am almost do cartwheels at hitting this milestone. My wife however has come out of ketosis for no apparent reason, she checked on a ketostix after her 3rd week of poor weight loss (1 lb this week) to find no colour change. Why??? she does not cheat, 100% sole source no dfizzy drink, gum or mouthwash, drinks 7 - 8 pints of water all as per the last few months and she has lost 6 stone to date, so what has caused this? she is going to replace her daily orange bar with a shake to see if that helps. So one very happy person and one very sad in our house tonight.
I will be updating my latest photo on my blog this weekend so be sure to give it a look
The Big Diet

Thanks in advance for any help with what may be wrong with my wifes ketosis
Best wishes everyone
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Holly Cow Alan....10 stone loss since January :wow::wow::wow::party0019:
What can i say???
I'll be checking your blog after the weekend to see your new photo. (your looking fab by the way)


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Well done both of you I think you are both doing brilliantly especially your wife actually. I was just wondering how much weight your wife has left to lose? I think I remember she had less than yourself to lose in the beginning. Is she nearing the stabilisation and maintenance stage? Has she done an AAM lately as that could help to restart the weightloss.

Congratulate her will you I think she has done brilliant to stay 100% when she's been disappointed with the results. She must be feeling fab though! Still had a good overall loss.

Dizzy x


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OMG your pictures are just ace! You look fab! I can't believe how much your stomach has strunk in such a small time. Well done for getting it off so quick. I think we started at the same time, in Jan 07 and do you know - only 2% of people who start this diet in Jan stay on it! So you should be more proud of yourself.

I use to have probs with the ketosis stick, especially when I did it half way through the day after loads of water. I could not imagine why she would be out of ketosis maybe it is a doggy stick or she drunk too much water. 1lb loss is not great but I would only worry if the following week has the same patten. Maybe she will loose 4-5lbs next week. And, if that happens you can both celebrate together. Well done and I am sure you already have seen heads turning! Love bunnycd xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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First of all a massive massive congratulations on your weight loss that is unbelievable!!! Well done!!

Secondly, just had a quick peek at your blog and notice you say your wife uses water flavourings in 50% of her drinks - how much water flavouring is she actually using as I think you are only supposed to have 1 teaspoon a day
Well done Alan!:D:D

I had trouble with slow weightloss when I was doing CD last year, everyone else was losing 6/7lbs or more each week and the most I lost was 4lbs! It averaged out though, sometimes I'd lose 4lbs other weeks I'd lose 1lb. As long as the weight came off I wasn't bothered.:D As for ketosis? I never once did the test for it as it wasn't important to me.


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Superb m8 and well done, well done

Get your wife to check for ketosis first thing tomorrow with the first wee of the morning just to be sure.

If she truely is then I agree about replacing the bar and space out her packs as much as possible.

Anyway keep up the amazing work



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That is amazing. Well done you. Your wifes efforts are also brilliant,tell her she is doing fab. Ketosis or not 6 stone is great.

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