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Good News :)

Well, I was a bit bored last night, so I got to trying on clothes, I have this pair of board shorts I haven't attempted for 2 years (I bought them in the airport, and they have never, ever fit) :cry:
Anyway, I tried them on and the Velcro met in the middle and I could tie the lace!
I was so shocked, I wouldn't wear them yet though, but getting them over my bum would have made me happy enough!

Then.. I tried on this pair of very expensive knee high boots. Now, I think I wore them once, but with trousers, because I couldn't do the zip up. So, I tried them on last night and BAM! They zip up, to the top. :D

This is week 7 for me, I really just wanted to share my joy, and push beginners on! It is so worth it.
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Good on you Kathryn

It's great getting into smaller clothes in your wardrobe you haven't worn for ages. I got into a size 14 pair of jeans yesterday that I haven't worn in ages and boy does it feel good.
My next goal

I want to get into a size 12 its for a victoria beckham dress I have for my brothers wedding in the middle of october. I really hope I get into it. I reckon if I lose about 20 lbs I'll get into it. Here goes. Well I have 7 weeks left. What size do you want to get down to Kathryn?
Yeah, you can get to your goals, and very quickly.

One complaint I have, and it is not Lipotrims fault, but I threw away all my regular size 14/12/10 clothes, When I was feeling sorry for myself last year. Now I am only left with expensive clothes I didn't have the heart to throw out. (And don't have the heart to wear to work) So Now I am making do with a Belt and size 18. lol

Oh well, I will never find a better excuse to shop!
I am sure you will get there sooner than that, And You will look amazing!

I am not really sure size wise, I think I just want to get down to a point where I feel good about myself, But I would love to wear all my old clothes, I would also love to get to the point where I can wear a bikini on the beach and not feel self concious.
I am going to Egypt in January, So that is my deadline for whatever weight I will be.
I haven't found that I put weight on with my TOTM.

I lose, every week without fail, 2lbs. have done since week 3.
Not that I am complaining, Because if I was doing a normal diet, guaranteed I would have fallen off the wagon. lol
Well done Kathryn !
It's true

I'm a bit of an all or nothing girl. So I think that's why this diet suits me. I'm either really healthy or really bad! But I'm going to have to change my ways when I come of this diet. For once at the moment I actually feel in control of my weight as opposed to my weight taking over me. I'm actually a bit nervous about coming of it. But I'll definately be on this diet for the next 7 weeks for this wedding.
Thanks Wamser :)

I am worried about coming off too, but I know I can do it! I have planned everything already, I think being prepared is the key.
I have already vowed never to eat a Mcdonalds again. I know they say you can eat everything in moderation, but I just don't see it is worth it.
But.. The fact you don't have to calorie count on lipotrim is a little pillow that no diet has ever offered before.

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