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good skin

Yeah Becca, my hair has got very thick and long all of a sudden although just had a cut n colour ;)

My nails always break they are weak, but i prefer them short incase i catch Rebecca x
yeah my nails grow quicker and are alot stronger
ive always had long nails but they always split so easy. ive just been siting here realising how long and strong they are and also my hair doesnt get greasy so quick now, loving it lol! xx


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Yep, hair, nails and skin are all fab on this diet. I reckon it's all the water and the fact that you're getting the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals everyday. I don't think I've ever been so healthy!!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
My nails were sooo much stronger

My teeth suffered though
I never had nails and they are really growing now and strong, skin looks good too but it generally would with drinkin so much water :)
I agree. My skin has been lovely apart from this week bloody time of the month! I'm also noticing my cellulite is going on the backs of my legs and bum. Also my stretch marks from having my daughter are fading really quickly now the weight is shifting. YIPPEE!! :)
See, I was going to post an opposite post to this. I've got about 6 spots atm, but I don't normally get them. My nails are disintegrating.
My hair hasn't changed.

I assumed the spots were down to all the water flushing the toxins etc out of my body so I'm hoping that it'll clear up soon.


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yeh i have 2 sey i have noticed more spots since i started but nothin major


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I can't see any different tbh, I have an annoying spot on my back actually -_-


One last chance
My nails are better but my skin is still the same. Spots just formed like crazy out of no where. I have unbalanced hormones and this doesn't help either.

My hair is the same, nothing different.


Here we go again!
My skin is so much better on LT. I put it down to all the water I drink now and the vitamins and nutrients in the shakes. I have never been this healthy either.
I've had loads of compliments about my clear skin. Have to recommend the powder mineral make-up as well, you only need a miniscule amount to even out skin tone and cover broken veins etc. But, I feel sure drinking all the water that flushes toxins out has LOT to do with it.
my skin's rubbish still, no better and maybe even a teeny little worse than before. i'd hoped with all the water the spots would go, but no! oh well, it's a price worth paying.

nails have always been strong so that's no change and hair too.
chel- how did it effect your teeth??

glammam - my stretch marks are fading 2 which is fantastic as they looked like huge knife wounds, would never have imagined they would look this much better

supaslimma - i too use pure mineral make-up its definately fantastic for your skin



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found the odd spot and my nails splitting but nothing to concern me. I think the cellulite on my legs and bum are disappearing so really pleased about that.

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