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Good Stomach toning excercises?


Les Mills Fitness Freak
the plank is good, it may just be basic but it keeps your core nice and strong :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
it does strenghten your core really well, crunches and reverse crunces are good too!

with the plank hold the postition for as long as you can, i shake so much but i can keep it for just over 2 minutes now

im starting a 7 weeks to 100 press ups challenge tommrow, thats supposed to strenghen yor entire body, so hope it does!
Simple core exercises are really good like a table top legs lower one and hold for 5 sec raise slowly lower opposite and hold etc repeat for 2 min sets. Roll down and roll ups. Going to half and holding. Slowly lowering until you feel you can no longer hold it and hold then back up to seated position repeat.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i like the simple ones, they are the classics that'll stay forever:D


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Thanks guys xxx I have started doing more excercises around the core area including the plank I will let you know how I go over the coming weeks! My stomach is already feeling it
A lady at my slimming world group swears by hula hooping and says its really toned up her stomach area. You need a proper weighted hula hoop for it to be effective, not just a kids toy.

And apparently, if you have a Wii, the technique on there is entirely different from real hula hooping!
Get yourself a cheap swiss/exercise ball as they are excellent for core workouts.

Press-ups, plank, sit-ups and squats are all good with one.
Hi what is plank?


Les Mills Fitness Freak


Les Mills Fitness Freak
after i do core work for a few days after my abs feel really tight, the ache is worth it though :D


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sit down with legs flat on floor (hold feet up maybe 6 inches off floor for more advanced workout). Get a weighted ball/kettlebell/dumbell, keep looking forward while touching weight on floor each side with both hands holding the weight. 6 of each side x3

lie on floor and raise leg, keeping both legs straight, up as high as you can (90degrees+) for 12rep x3 - (stop feet from touching floor for more advanced workout)

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