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Good Thoughts Needed


One day at a time, one step at a time
I know this isn't slimming world related but my son had an accident at football training this morning. Fell on back and no feeling in his legs. He is at the hospital now undergoing tests... Please lots of nothing serious thoughts for him as happened 3 hours ago and no feeling still :cry:

I am waiting to hear as am home with his little sister. If has to stay in I will get a lift over there as sitting here is driving me insane. His Dad is with him as he went rushing down there when it happened.
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Awww sorry to hear hun.

Positive vibes coming your way. Please keep us updated and am sure he's in the best place possible. xxx

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Thinking positive for you and hoping for the very best for him.


synful soul
Lots of positive thoughts coming from me.

love and hugs to you all xxxxxxxxx

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Positive vibes winging their way to you, hope that all is ok, keep us updated XX


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Hopefully it's just a trapped nerve-type thing with temporary loss of feeling. Proper lads injury is playing footy.

Keep us posted.

Oh and do't worry about bing SW-related. This is the off-topic section anyway.



One day at a time, one step at a time
Sorry for not updating I had to get over to the hospital and spend the night over there with him as hourly obs.

Hes one very lucky lad. He had a T12 injury and it was apparently so so close to no feeling in legs etc permanently. He can today walk very carefully and he has a week of rest ahead of him (may have to tie him down!) and 6 weeks no footy. He has a swelling at the bottom of spine that needs to go down, but someone was looking out for him :D thank goodness. One lucky very loved little boy

Thanks for caring. I am off to have toast as eaten nothing since yesterday brekkie and had 20 mins sleep, but touch wood he will be fine :D
That's wonderful news, Jackie - so glad to hear it!
You deserve more than a piece of toast!not usually religious but did mouth a prayer for all of you. Really pleased he's ok- bet you'll have a week like the Calpol advert now and be begging for peace by this time next week!Love and hugs to you all.xx

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