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Green Day Good veggie meals for the freezer ?

Discussion in 'SW Winter Warmer Recipes' started by gobolino, 14 November 2011 Social URL.

  1. gobolino

    gobolino Gold Member

    :wave_cry: I need help !

    I really want to stock up my freezer with some easy meals that I can defrost to take to work or just heat up pretty simply for my tea :) I've made batches of quorn and bean chilli, brocolli soup, cauliflower cheese soup, spinach and ricotta lasagne and now I need more ideas!

    What are your favourite veggie meals for the freezer ????

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  3. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

  4. gobolino

    gobolino Gold Member

    I know it'll be the same sort of things as non veggie things, I just wanted veggie ideas as I dont eat meat :) Just specific recipe ideas that people have, that they've found handy in the freezer.

    Will check out your links Puss, they look good -thanks!

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