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Good weekend / bad weekend


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Ok so had a bit of a mixed one this weekend.

OH is going to Germany on wednesday for 2 weeks with work. He works doing television graphics and sports editing, so is off to germany to cover the athletics finals. So i decided to plan and get everything i could done.


4x falafels, H/M soup, hex bread,
Quorn Lasagne with vegetables
2x Sausage rolls (HEXB bread), Soup,
falafels, soup, (HEXb) bread,
Quorn Spagetti bolognase with pasta
2x sausage rolls(hexb bread), Soup,
turkey stirfry (hexb turkey)
falafels, jacket potato with beans and cheese (Hex)
Quorn Chilli and rice
sausage rolls, salmon noodles,
diet coke chicken, veg
falafels, jacket potato with tuna, peppers, extra light mayo, onion.
quorn spagetti bolognase with pasta
sausage rolls, soup,

Trout with vegetables (to buy fresh)
chinese salmon noodle box (to buy fresh)
Jacket potato and salad
Spagetti carbonara

haven't decided on the following weekend yet. But so far this has cost me 46 pounds. and have already made loads of it

Quorn bolognase made 1 lasagne and three seperate portions to defrost on demand. Made with 2x packs of quorn, 1 x passata, 1 x tin toms, 2 x onions, 2 x carrots, 2 x stick celery, mushrooms.
0 syns and less than 4 quid for 4 meals!
Meat has all been measured and frozen in individual bags, stirfry veg has been washed mixed and frozen in portions, sausage rools made (but not cooked) and portioned, just gotta take them out the night before and cook for 20 mins, falafels made, cooked, portioned and frozen, can chuck them in my bag and go to work, soup (leek and swede) has been made and frozen in portions, defrost in my bag ready to reheat at lunch, jacket potatoes have been cooked and frozen so just gotta put them in the fridge the night before than nuke them when needed, got additional veg to add to meals and enough fruit for 2 peices a day plus a mullerlight.

So got very little to do for food over the next couple of weeks. Which being on my own i very rarely want to cook for 1 so good to keep me on track.

I also gave up smoking on Saturday, Doing it on will power alone. Been smoking 12 years about 20 a day. Hasn't been too bad but had the odd moment, did light my other halfs cigarette last night then gave it to him as i was slightly drunk!!!!

Which brings me to sunday.....

Went to a bbq, and had

a Whole Punnet of grapes,
3 peaches,
2 Apples
2 homemade burgers
roll (Hexb)
1 slice cheese (hexa)
4 sausages - 10 syns
tortilla chips - 5 syns

Don't know syns for this so gotta guess

Cider 375ml - 8 syns
Corona - 5 syns
Cocktails - not got a clue so 30syns? about 4-5 sex on the beach

about 58 syns (oops)

Just as well i've got a virtually syn free couple of weeks.
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Mrs V

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Well done on planning ahead Hun...thats fantastic!!

Do you have the recipe for the soup? It sounds lovely and if the weather is anything to go by at the moment...winter is coming sooner than we think!! Lol
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Good luck giving up smoking, I will have given up for 3 weeks tomorrow so i know what your going through. At least planning and making all that food will have taken your mind off smoking!

Good Luck again
S: 11st8.5lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st8.5lb Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.62%)
Thats what Flexi days are for! Although i find that after a number of malibu's i cant remember what my syn limit was! :d'oh:


Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Thanks for the soup recipe Hun...will be giving that one a try!
well done that sounds fantastic.think im going to start doing that once i move back into my flat next month.just now im living at home for the summer so its hard to plan so far in advance as sometimes we all eat together and sometimes we dont!
how do you make the falafels? iv never heard of them but have been looking for new things to try.


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Thats fantastic planning - well done you!

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