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Good workout shoes?

Okay, I am in desperate need of a good, supportive pair of all-purpose workout shoes. I would need either a pair of crosstrainers, or running shoes. I have a pair of Nike Shox and although they were labeled as "running shoes", they are terrible for it. They are not comfortable on the elliptical machine, either. I need shoes that I can run in, walk in, wear comfortable for weight training, and MAYBE spin in. I have been told by some other spiiners that it's best to get a pair of cycling shoes for that, but if I can wear the same pair comfortably, I'd prefer it. I'm not rich-but then again, I want to take care of my feet, too.
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Okay, for running you need shoes that are designed to absorb the impact at heel strike. I have four different pairs of Nike Shox - 2 are great for running and the other 2 are next to useless, and I use them for other things. I'd highly recommend Asics, but great as they are for me, they may not be right for you. Ideally, you should have separate trainers for running and for using in the gym. However, if you have to just have one pair, the best thing to do is to go to a specialist sports shoe shop and get their advice. It doesn't just depend on what you'll be using them for, but also your particular gait. I tend to overpronate slightly so I need better arch support.

Phone your local sports shop and ask if they have a footwear specialist, because you need someone who knows their stuff rather than just a sales assistant.

As for spinning - don't worry too much about having cycling shoes. They're nice to have, but you're not likely to injure yourself wearing the wrong shoes for spinning, as opposed to running.


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I have just bought a pair of MBT's and after a week of wearing them I am converted! They are just soo comfy and a pleasure to walk in, once you get used to the wobble!!! I am at work at present but I intend wearing them to go out walking initially and then running once I find a bit of incentive. Highly recommended even if they are a tad expensive.
Oh, my, much more to it than I realized. lol

Do you think that it matters as much if most of my running is on a treadmill as opposed to outdoors, or do the same rules apply? I am considering beginning training for a marathon next year, although I haven't decided which one, so distance is still an issue. How much of a difference do you think that will make? Thanks for your suggestion about talking to someone at a store who knows what I would persoanlly need-I will definitely do that. I just can't buy too many shoes-DH already groans every time he looks in the closet...lol
I bought some New Balance trainers last year for the Moonwalk - I've never worn anything so comfortable! I reckon this is probably due to the fact they come in width measurements, and my toes are not cramped, although I find they keep my feet at a great temperature too.

They do both walking and running shoes and they are a kind of mid range price, although I got mine from MilletSport.co.uk and bought last seasons colours, so they were even cheaper! They have a wide range on there now, starting at only £40 in the sale.
40 pounds is roughly 80 U.S. dollars, correct? I have always heard good things about New Balance-I am definitely interested in checking those out. Do you know off hand if they ship to the States?
I didn't realise you are in the States. I just called them quickly and they said they charge around £30 (or $60) to ship to the USA. You might be better to find a supplier over there!

BTW, the web address I gave is slightly wrong - it's MilletSports.co.uk
Wow, that's insane for shipping! Thanks for checking into that for me-I really appreciate it. I'm sure I can find something online inexpensively, and then go try it on in a store before I order it to make sure it fits and I like how it feels.

I wish you could test drive shoes, like cars. Get a feel for them before commiting to anything, you know?
I know exactly what you mean!

I'm going to get some MBTs this weekend, and have never in my life bought such expensive footwear (around $300 :eek:), so I am dreading the possibility that I can't get on with them, as they are bizzare things to walk in.

With New Balance, if you go onto their website, they instruct you how to draw around your feet on a piece of paper then take measurements. You can then use their chart to work out the exact size and width you need. It really worked for me!

Good luck with the trainer hunt.

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