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Goodbye baby weight! So long, fare well...


Want to lose a stone!

I have two children, 4 years and a baby 4 months.

Before them I was 9 stone, Im currently 10 stone 5lbs.

I would like to be 9 stone again but will settle for 9 stone 5lbs. Im not sure my post baby body would actually suit 9 stone anymore, I have hips now and I love them!

My first SW meeting was Tuesday but I started the diet on Monday. It got on the scales this morning and Im STILL 10.5
A bit premature perhaps but I was hoping to have lost a lb!

On the SW scales Im 10 st 9.5lb. (I weigh myself naked in the morning before breakfast! So quite a difference).

I have the will power of an ox but I lack in knowledge. So I hope to be at my target weight before December (at least!)
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Hi congrats on joining SW and for getting your diary up and going - it has really helped me and you get tonnes of support here.

Be careful on the weighing yourself at home, it can be really demotivating, plus no set of scales weigh the same especially adding in different time of day and clothing. I used to be so obsesive! My scales used to be in the ensuite, I used to weigh myself every time i used the loo - I have moved my scales into the spare room so now i just weigh once a week at the same time.

I have measured myself and am focusing more on sizes - i want to fit into a size 12 according to the next website, but ultimately i just want to look good. I already feel thinner after just 4 days.

Best of luck and keep us posted on how you go

Val xxxx


Want to lose a stone!
Ok day 7 done. WI tomorrow..... I just hope Ive lost 1lb. More would be nice but Im not holding my breath!

Ive upped my eating toward the end of the week to get in my HEXa's for the baby. Also Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I had superspeed soup. Yum!

Im nervous about first WI!


Want to lose a stone!
Weigh in tonight.

I feel a bit slimmer, I'll be gutted if Ive STS. I'll be ok with 1lb loss I'll be very happy with 2lb loss. I wont have lost any more than that though, I can always aim for that next week.


Want to lose a stone!
Lol and me being 'gutted' if I stayed the same. I didnt even consider the fact that I might put on, what with sticking to the diet 100%.

And yet, I gained 0.5lb.

Not happy.


Want to lose a stone!
Day 12 and 0 weight loss.

I wouldnt mind but Ivd followed the bloody diet to the letter.

And my consultant hasnt suggested anything for my constant hunger. Just says 'your food diary looks fine, you shouldnt be hungry'. Ermm, I am though. Then she stops replying.

AND my sw log in STILL doesnt work. What am I paying for again?
Oh Sarah I feel your pain :( I would have been gutted too! But what ever you do don't give up, I'm sure with another good week you'll have a fab loss and will make all your effort worth it. But rubbish of your leader though to not offer support! Won't be long til your at your goal, just keep at it and maybe try mixing up your foods? X


Want to lose a stone!
Thanks, when you say mixing up my food to you mean green, red, EE?

Or do you mean not eating the same EE foods? As Im not eating the same EE foods at all. The thing is, I think thats good for when weight loss plateaus, where as mine never started in the first place.

I keep reading people saying "I was naughty this week and still lost X amount."

Im on day 13 have done it to the letter still and surprise surprise :( no weight loss :(


Want to lose a stone!
Right. My baby has been ill recently poor sausage so feeding less, which means Ive lost 1lb. Im not sure if his growth spurt has ended too as its about right but time will tell.

Just as I decided to jack it all in (sort of, I still have a very healthy diet) I go and lose 1lb.
I have heard of other people on this forum not losing / gaining on the first week and then getting a bigger loss the second week. I’m on my first week, but I haven’t weighed myself yet as I know I’ll give it up if I haven’t lost anything! I’m trying to lose babyweight too, try to get back down to 9st 5. I only want to lose a 1lb a week as I can’t stand being hungry.
Hang in there !


Want to lose a stone!
Weirdly since that last post Ive been 10.4 which is weird because I feel as though Ive lost more than a pound. My trousers are loser and my stomach is noticibly flatter also.

So Im not too bothered that it only says ive only lost 1lb so far. Although I hope it keeps going down. :)


Want to lose a stone!
Scales said 10.3 this morning.

Which Im only okay with, 3.5 weeks in and only 2lb down sucks a bit.

But Ive lost and inch off my waist. I was exactly 32inches its now 31. :)

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