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goodbye lt

Hi guys ive decided to leave LT but will continue to diet, For those of you that have began recently i did it SO CAN YOU, i have began new tablets with my epilepsy and havent been feeling 100% from starting them, so will be staying away for a while, hoping to continue to keep losing, i still have 3 days of shakes left and had been thinking of having 1 aday along with a healthy diet and still plenty of water, its like a refeed, havent a clue where to start...

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Determind dieter :D
Rickard...sorry to hear your leaving honey ...perhaps contact LT and see about doing the maintenance as people lose on that but it includes food as well which might hopefully make you feel better x x x Take Care x x x
Hi ladies have been on the phone this morning to the pharmasist, they agree with me with taking Keppra now, i have to wait til it gets into my system 100% which will be about 8 weeks, as its getting increased every 2 weeks until ive the proper dose.

Ive had 1 shake this morning (no gagging) and will have another for lunch, cant understand y i didnt feel sick but it went down as normal. Ive to take 2 shakes today and a light meal, tomorrow and the rest of the 7days 1 shake and 2 light meals and add food daily.. Was wondering would i be able to stay on 1 shake a day after the weeks up to keep the calories down

Any more tips from my LT family?
Im rippin that ive to leave LT as i was getting on so well, 1st 3lb lost, but what can i do? Nothing...
Just a healthy diet, might follow SW at home as ive an old book here. One of the consultants only lives 3 doors away but i dont wanna Q her all the time and id been at it before an lost, altho lost alot slower..
The help here is great, altho u aint getting rid of me for long :)

KEEP STRONG Love u all Helen XXX


On a mission!
Just keep your eye on the ultimate prize Helen. If you make losing the weight the ONLY option from here on in, you'll be fine. You deserve to be the healthiest and happiest you can possibly be and only YOU can make it happen for yourself. We're all here for you whenever you hit a bump in the road so keep us posted on how you're doing. BEST OF LUCK!!

x S
OMG it is so weird eating food, an the amount i can eat now is waaaaay less than what i could before starting the diet, just proves that just in a few weeks it actually helps
Well weighed in lastnight at 16.3 hope to lose 2-3 pw...
You can do it hun, well done!! x

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