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  1. Here is my diary, starting on day 2 but wil fill in day 1.
    am going to upload weekly pictures to keep me motivated!

    Day 1:

    Did not get to the pharmacy until 12.30 so did not start my first shake until 1.30pm. Decided to have them in half packs, can't remember if this is ok but hope it is!

    remembering to glug the old water down too!

    Feel ok!

    Day 2:

    Up at 6.20am with baby, had first 1/2 vanilla shake at 8am whole choc one for lunch at 12, half strawb at 2pm, 1/2 chicken soup 6pm (thought i was going to puke from hunger), just waiting to have my last shake, but am so hungry!

    Have realised I am on antibiotics and this may be making me feel a bit sick and dodgy. Cant wait to finish those, hope it doesnt affect my weightloss.

    Would really love to do some exercise but feel pretty pathetic today. worried I will use up the little calories i have had on exercise and will be uncotrollably hungry and will end up eating some rubbish!

    it wont happen, I am focussed and motivated, will just have some more water to fill up my tum and wait for last half shake for an hour or two…!

    hoping to get to bed early ish to avoid thinking about food.

    I Know everyone says it is better after day3/4 so am clinging on for that….

    went to costa with my cousin today and managed to feel ok about just having a black coffee when I would normally want a sandwich, a cake and a chai latte. (probably 1500 calories on its own).

    I really hope i lose weight this first week as i know it will help keep me going.
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  3. Day 3:

    Feel much better today, felt so sick yesterday!

    Had a major challenge this evening which was to cook for the family- without tasting or eating any of it! Managed to make a chilli which actually tasted nice! (apparently!) Was so hard not to have even the smallest bite of a carrot, love raw carrots! I would have loved a bit of mince as well but I started eating bits of protein when I was on LT before and i think once you do that, it is a slippery slope, when I have lost a bit more I will refeed properly- did not do it properly before and at the moment am planning to stick to this 100% and move to maintenance with recommended foods.

    at the moment am fighting my sugar addiction so badly! really want to go out and buy some tablet sweetener but I know I need to steer clear. I am trying to kid myself by saying i'll try not to have it today but will go out and get it tomorrow if I really need it, it has worked so far but hmmm not sure how long I will last. Havent had to go to the shops yet so that will probbly be the next hard thing!

    had a short 20 min walk to school this morning, trying to do little bits of exercise here and there throughout the day like squats and short jogs on the spot.

    Had a very wedding day- bought wedding insurance, designed and ordered wedding invitations and rsvps, created our own wedding website, researched and paid for the honeymoon

    and… most importantly of all, have booked in two appointments at bridal shops on Saturday- going to try on my first dress!

    Very excited but wish I was slimmer to do this, have no idea how they will alter the dress if I find one, I feel like a wally going in saying, hey I'm not going to be this big in 3/4 months, I'll be much smaller! They probably hear that all the time… oh well I'm just going to try to enjoy it all depsite being a lot bigger than I would want to be trying on wedding dresses.

    I have been losing water weight though which is encouraging to see on the scale (anything is better than seeing the numbers go up and up!) and am also feeling a lot better today so it is all helping me to stay on the straight and narrow.

    Finding it helps if I have my first shake as late in the day as I can manage, hard when the baby got me up at 5.30!!

    all in all, a good day!
  4. DAY 4:

    I thought I was doing really well this morning, I felt really energetic depsite the baby getting me up 3.30!! but I over did the cafe coffee without having had my first shake and ended up feeling really really sick again. I did two 35 minute walks, some sit ups and other exercises all on 1 shake and probably over did it. Had to go for a nap at 3pm! but then couldnt sleep because of all the coffee!

    I will not make that error tomorrow, will make sure I have a shake earlier and not drink so much coffee!

    have 1 and a half shakes to go so am going to go and have one now before I die!

    still losing water weight which is encouraging!
  5. Day 5:

    It's friday and tomorrow it's the weekend, am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow and would have like to have had some champagne but will forgo it obvs!

    Supposed to be having lunch with my family at a friends on sunday but have already told her I am on this diet so will not be eating. will sit with the baby i suppose!

    I am worried about becoming complacent after my first weigh in as this has happened to me before on LT. Well, it always happens to me whenever I lose weight. I lose a bit, maybe half a stone, maybe a stone, maybe 2 and then something inside me just goes " ahhh, well done love, you can relax now" even though I will have much further to go. Somehow a small win make me want to kick back and reward myself and then go and undo all the good work. It's like I've proved to myself that I can do it and therefore dont need to try anymore.

    I have had some food counselling since the last time I tried to lose weight and have read a lot of literature about weight loss and reasons people overeat etc. So I guess I am much more clued up and having gone through a few cycles of weight loss/regain I can see where it goes now and I'm more aware of what I do each time I lose weight and I'm hoping that this will help keep me 100% for as long as possible.

    I think for me this time around I'm trying to keep it all on the down low so that I stay focussed and not congratulate myself on my first loss and get complacent before I've finished the journey.

    I started to do a few goals in my signature but having looked around I deleted them and have read a lot of posts with people with loads and loads of goals on their signatures which I think can be overwhelming. I'm not criticising other people as I have done this in the past myself. I'm not saying you shouldnt have goals but I remember one of my goal weights in the past being 7 stone 12 once and as I was nearly double that and kept eating food whilst supposed to be doing lt tfr 100% it was very unlikely that i was going to achieve that (and didn't) also I was probably that weight at some point when I was teenager but in my adult life even when fairly slim was always probably no smaller than 9 1/2 stone (although the smallest weight I have ever seen on the scales is 10.5) so trying to achive a weight that was well below the lowest I had ever been before when I was not in the right frame of mind was probably not my best move and meant I failed.

    I feel like this time around I have an idea of losing 2-4 stone for the wedding in May, anywhere between that is great but I am aware from seeing other people's posts who have big ambitions and then they disappear after day 3 or whatever (and having done it myself previously), I feel like if you set yourself insurmountable goals then it becomes unachievable and therefore you give up as you think, this is just too big a mountain to climb. I suppose everyone sets goals to keep on track but for me I guess in the past it has made it all seem impossible.

    So this time, although 11 stone 8 lbs is not what I want to be exactly (I think particularly as I have been lighter than this, the lightest I have been that I remember seeing on the scale is 10 stone 5) its in the right direction and 3 stone lighter than I am now which will make a big difference to how I look and feel. Especially for the wedding!

    I'm trying to take each day at a time and not kid myself. Once I start losing some inches maybe I will feel differently about setting myself some targets but I'm staying free and easy at the moment. I just dont want that feeling of failure and embarrassment when you look at what you wanted to achieve and you're still sitting there in your 'big' clothes. It just makes you feel worse!

    So each to their I know you just have to do what works for but as for me I'm not setting myself lots of goals. I think the most successful/consistent I ever was at losing weight and exercising was when I was 16/17 and I did not even own a set of scales then, I just went on how my clothes fitted and trying on different sizes in shops and I think I need to take more of that approach this time becuase sometimes when you see the numbers on the scale they dont always translate in to automatic good feelings about yourself. so I am going to try not to fixate on numbers this time but to look at fitting in to clothes. Probably the best marker for that for me is trousers- my bottom half is bigger than my top and I have never looked great in trousers. I tend to wear dresses but this quite often means, depending on the style that I could wear a size 12 dress (when I was smaller) but I wouldnt really be a size 12… so I'll be interested to use trousers as a marker.

    I've lost loads of weight on the scales (a stone it looks like) already but ovbviously none of this has come off yet and What I really want, rather than a certain number is to look and feel better, trimmer and more confident in my body.

    I'm trying to be really honest this time around, trying not to kid myself and using minimins is a great way to do this. It is so useful being able to look through people's posts and see what they have achieved and been through as it can most definitely be tough.

    One day at a time.
  6. ugh, typical, I spout a load of righteous rubbish and then I feel like I've somehow achieved something. I didnt eat but I was incredibly tempted earlier. I'm going to keep my mouth firmly shut from now on and just keep my head down and get on with it!
  7. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    best of luck on your weight loss journey.

    how old is your baby? my son is almost 9 months x x
  8. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    you're doing really well, stick to it and we can lose the weight together!
  9. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    I thought your post was great. We do all need to be realistic about what is achievable. I will never be 8 stone sadly or indeed a size 10 but for me if I can get to 12 stone I will be a comfortable size 14 and I'll be happy with that. When I was heavier and less fit I had to take blood pressure tablets so I went and got fitter and now I don't. I think we should concentrate on feeling happy in our own skin rather than aspire to be something maybe we can't be, and to be healthy. Good luck on your journey.

  10. Hi Jenny My Son is 4 months! You seem to have done really well on your journey so far and that's always inspiring when you are at the beginning. I took some inspiration from your signature and started my own squat and sit up challenge- thank you!
  11. Thank you, yes lets do it together!

    I'm feeling very motivated as I went wedding dress shopping today!

    Another day 100%, keep them coming xx

  12. Yes! i definitely want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm not sure but I think it comes from knowing you are doing the best for yourself and your body, obviously putting rubbish in it or not exercising are not the best.

    Well done on getting yourself off blood pressure tabs- thats a real achievement! Good luck with your journey and thanks for reading my post x
  13. Day 8
    Well, it was a good weigh in! 16lbs gone which is bonkers really. Its pretty much all water weight but I would say I am starting to feel it a little, maybe tum is a bit smaller, and maybe some of my chin(s)!

    Last night, well in the day we had a lunch at a friends house and it was absolute torture. Although they were totally understanding about the diet and didnt make any comments at all it absolutely killed me not being able to eat and I really struggled. I made a decision in the evening that I was going to move over to a similar diet on which I can have slightly more variety whilst staying on a vlcd which I think will help me stick to this for a bit longer. There was no way I could take another week of those shakes, they really are the pits! I know you get used to them but combined with the price going up and the idea that I may be tempted to eat as they are so horrible has prompted me to try out exante.

    I'm going to try to get off another stone and a 1/2- 2 stone on a vlcd and then up the exercise move into a higher calorie diet where I can start having low calorie meals and try to manage my weight that way which a more long term sustainable way of life.

    I can honestly say I have been 100% for my week on lipotrim and i know it does work but I know I'll fall off the wagon if I stay on it any longer and I'd rather not feel disappointed in myself.

    So I'm gong try a week of exante products and see how I get on. Think its 600 cals a day as opposed to 420 ish on lipotrim but hopefully will still continue to lose! if not i'll probably be back on lt next week!

    Today I have been using some old atkins products I had to get through the day, sticking to 400-600 cals per day. exante stuff comes tomo excited!
  14. day 10

    well today was my first proper day on exante after transitioning from lipotrim. i have to say the products are way nicer, although I'm not sure I'll be ordering the pasta carbonara again!
    it kind of helps having some more normalish food somehow, makes it a little easier maybe.

    I was another pound down this morn so hopefully will lose some more this week, trying to keep positive about small losses- is definitely much nicer seeing the numbers go down instead of up for a change!

    I was so tempted to eat a cheese scone from m & s yesterday! I warmed one up for dd and it nearly killed me to hand it over to her! I went and whined to the mr though and he said you'll regret it if you do and he was right.

    good day today, hope the weight keeps coming off!
  15. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    Let us know how you get in with Exante. I bought 6 weeks worth LT before the price hike so deffo doing it for 6 weeks ... I'm not wasting 200 quid lol!
  16. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    Such good motivation buying it in bulk! Looks like you're committed for the next 6 weeks :p
  17. I fell off the wagon spectacularly everyone! I had a weekend of wedding/bridesmaids/found my wedding dress celebrations and I JUST CRACKED.

    I basically wanted food desperately, ate it, didnt feel too bad so carried on and thought bugger it, in for a penny in for a pound, I'll stop in 24 hours/ I can stop anytime I want/ I'm doing the 5:2 diet... and BASICALLY CHOMPED MY WAY THROUGH THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. It was as if someone had said "hey, did you know- that's the last pizza/pasta/pick n mix/tin of roses/cooked breakfast/glass of coke/cake ever left in the world, you'd better eat that quick before it's extinct…"

    And so I did.

    I was waiting to have a proper 100% day before posting on here, to prove to myself that I can do it as I was beginnng to wonder.

    So yes, I did my usual, I've lost a bit of weight, now I can relax etc and that is what happened.

    But onwards and upwards, well downwards. I'm definitely losing bits of inches if not the poundage this week, I have been keeping up the exercise and am getting more toned which is something!

    Exante is not exactly the answer to my prayers but it is certainly nice to have some variety! I would recommend, the shakes are much nicer. The meals are… hmm ok i guess, good if you want something savoury.

    I was probably on my to losing 5lb for the week but obvs ruined it so technically put on 2lb (was back up to 13,8 on Monday) so need to stay focused to try to lose that extra bit Ive blobbed on. FOOOOL!

  18. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    I bet there are very very few people on here who have not had a bad day/weekend. Focus focus focus on what you want!!!! It's very hard but look at some of the excellent success stories. Get back on that waggon girlie ... you can do it!! Keep posting ....
  19. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    At least you know now that it isn't worth it! and one week of 100% will lose those 2lbs easily! Keep on going :)
  20. Thanks guys,

    I'm sticking to it and seeing losses on the scales so thats encouraging. Just realised I was at this point same time last week- what a waste of a week! hope I can get down to 13 stone or even better seeing a 12 on the scale by monday would be awesome.

    Now I just have to get through the weekend!

    Hope you all have a good one!
  21. Well, I havent got down to 12 stone but I haven't gained and have lost 5lbs (after my 2lb gain) and am at 13 stone 3lb so will keep on track.

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